Working Remotely With NICEIC Cert Software


During this uncertain time, many businesses are turning towards new ways of working.

If you or any of your team are working remotely, it may become difficult to maintain communications and access necessary software.

There are a few options for you to use the NICEIC Cert Software features when working remotely.


Field Mode

With a Field licence, you would be able to use the Clik Cert Electrical apps on a mobile device or tablet, alternatively, Field Mode can be accessed on a laptop. These solutions are useful to fill in certs but would not have the option to complete certs or apply cert numbers.

We are due to begin Beta testing our new ‘Cloud Numbering‘ solution over the coming months, although the roll-out of this will depend on the ever-changing national situation. If you would like to discuss this further, please get in touch.



During this time, if you need to be able to access the main office software, it would be best to set up using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), which would help to connect to another computer over a network connection.

RDP runs the internal traffic between the RDP’d machines, and the internet is streaming from your PC to the other, creating a relatively low intensity on the bandwidth. Running the application across a VPN will pull more information over a restricted bandwidth, so you may experience the software freezing or taking a long time to load.

See our blog post for more details regarding VPNs, or look at another way you can host the software in the cloud.

If you are considering using a VPN or RDP connection to your server PC, please consult your IT department.

Please note, Clik does not set up VPN’s for customers.


Moving The Server

If the above options are unavailable or not suitable for your current working arrangement, there is the option to move your main server data to a laptop. This would be a longer process and would have to be carried out by our tech team but would give you complete access to your existing data on a new machine.

The quickest way to get tech support during this time would be via email, you will also be able to access all the support guides over on our support site if you have any ‘how-to’ related queries. Please see this post to see the up-to-date information on how you can contact tech support.

2 comments on “Working Remotely With NICEIC Cert Software

  1. Has the current worldwide situation highlighted a weakness in having a central database on a office database?

    Is there any plans to be able to host the central database in the cloud with privileged users (Q.S for example) being able to access the database on the move?

    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thank you for your comment.
      During this time, many are turning towards new ways of working and exploring ways to continue accessing the central database when away from the office.
      We currently do not have plans on creating a cloud-hosted central database for the NCIEIC Cert Software, however, there are ways that will allow the software to be installed on a hosted cloud server. You can find some more information regarding hosting Clik in the cloud here: Please note that Clik will not be able to set up cloud servers.
      The upcoming Cloud Numbering updates will also enable users with appropriate privileges to complete and issue certs on the go.
      If you would like some further information, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss these options with our team.


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