Work Remotely With Clik Remote Manager

remote working

Without the ability to tap your teammate on the shoulder, meet with your manager and customers or hold meetings, using Clik Remote Manager will become even more essential for staying connected.

It will help you maintain a collaborative work environment, keep you in touch with your engineers, sales team and customers and streamline communications.

We are offering you one free Clik Remote Manager licence. You must have at least one Clik Service licence with valid Clik  Cover and you can use Clik Remote Manager until the end of May 2020. We hope this will help you work from home during these extraordinary and heart-breaking times.

Don’t use Clik Remote Manager? This is how it works and how it’ll help your team. 

You can also watch our Beginners Guide to Clik Remote and have look at the features and benefits.

Working remotely will be a lot easier with Clik Remote Manager. It’ll give you access to your Clik Service database, allow you to update jobs and keep your customers and engineers informed.

We would ask you to try and install Clik Remote Manager yourself to help us reduce the number of calls related to setting this up for everyone. We will offer a limited number of setups each day for customers who are having problems with the setup. If you wish to book these, they will be done on a first-come, first-served basis and you will be allocated a timeslot.  

You can download your free copy of Clik Remote Manager (available until the end of May 2020).

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