We Had Our Own Clik Festival!

Team Clik Summer Festival


For this year’s summer social, we had our very own festival in Bristol. Complete with obligatory drizzle and composting toilet but the Clik team didn’t let that dampen their fun.

We started off jumping around at Free Dog trampoline park. With aching muscles after trying to keep up with the 10-year olds jumping circles around us, we moved on to our festival site.

Tucked behind houses in south-east Bristol, nestled amongst allotments is the community built Round House which hosted our summer fest.

Charity, Youth Moves, set up a community funded and focused youth group in Knowle West, Bristol to reconnect local young people with nature and their community.  Together they built the roundhouse, polly-tunnel, orchard and growing spaces which they kindly let us a borrow for a donation so they can continue their great work.

With award winning food from Feastie Boys and our own delicious cocktails, we danced the night away to soulful Motown and ska provided by DJ Dirty Casino.

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