Watch The Clik Remote Manager Webinar

We hosted our first webinar to showcase Clik Remote Manager! It’s our brand new, cloud-based, service management app which links with Clik Service. Don’t worry if you missed it we made a recording which you can watch.

We’ve also answered some of your questions, but if you have any more that aren’t answered in the video, then please ask them in the comments at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you.

Q: What do the different colours mean on the dashboard? Can you change these?
A: The colours are there to make it look good and differentiate the different widgets. You can change these when you set up your widgets. Currently we have blue, red, orange and green.

Q: Can you control what data a manager sees, e.g. so they don’t see the whole company, just their areas of responsibility?
A: You can configure what reports you want the manager to see however, it depends on how you’ve set Clik Service up in terms of areas of responsibility. If you have account managers assigned to customers then yes, you could create a report for just those customers for example.

Q: Can we ID customers on credit hold?
A: You can see customers on hold via Clik Remote as long as they have been set to on hold in Clik Service.

Q: Can you create and edit quotes and invoices in Clik Remote Manager?
A: Yes, you can! Use the quotes and invoices/credits tabs, which can be found in the left side navigation screen.

Q: Can you access the projects module?
A: Unfortunately, not at the moment. You will still need to use Clik Service for this.

Q: Is this meant as a replacement for Clik Service and will you be phasing out the desktop software?
A: Not at all. You need Clik Service to run Clik Remote. Clik Remote Manager is a web-based add-on for Clik Service, to enable you to manage your business wherever you need to be.

Q: Can Clik Remote Manager automatically change the time on quotes if engineers put less than what we have quoted for?
A: It won’t change the times for you but you can create a report that shows you quoted time vs job actual time.

Q: What are the speed and RAM requirements?
A: You just need a good internet connection and a server to host the Clik Remote Manager website.

Q: How do I set up Clik Remote Manager accounts for each user?
A: We’ve created a video which goes through step-by-step how to create new user logins for all the Clik Remote modules. Check it out on our support site.

Q: Are there any F-Gas related modules available on Clik Remote?
A: We will be putting F-Gas in the Clik Remote Engineer version in the future, to allow them to input logs. But we won’t be putting the entire F-Gas module into Clik Remote Manager.

Q: Does Clik Remote Manager integrate with Sage/Xero?
A: No, but you can create the invoices in Clik Remote Manager and someone can post the invoices in Clik Service to Sage or Xero.

Q: Is there more information on how to set up widgets?
A: Yes! We’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to create widgets. You can find it on our support site.

We hope you like it, remember any more questions ask us below!

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4 comments on “Watch The Clik Remote Manager Webinar

  1. Do I get an automatic FREE upgrade to the new system as I am currently subscribed to and using the old version of Clik remote? If so how do I go about this.

    1. Hi Dave,

      You get a free upgrade to Clik Remote Engineer if you are a current user of the old Clik Remote. Your account manager is Ed Gunner, I’ve asked him to give you a call and he’ll explain how you can upgrade.


    1. Hi Claire,

      Yes, The server hosting Clik’s database and the website will need to be turned on for any users to log in to the website.


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