Why Should I Upgrade To The New Clik Remote?


If you already have Clik Remote working for your business you may be wondering: ‘why should I upgrade to the new version?’

Let’s take a closer look at those exciting new features and other improvements in the new software and discover some reasons why you should upgrade to our new, intuitive job management solution, Clik Remote.



We’ve updated the Google Maps functionality to assist with quickly finding assigned or unassigned jobs. The user interface has been given a makeover. Which will help you schedule the right engineer for the job based on their location.

You can use a map to help with allocating jobs within job sheet tools in the Manager login.


View Manager

With job management software solutions, you should be able to control every bit of your business. With Clik Remote, the manager can have more control than ever before. You can customise what your users can see, right down to the table columns and job details. So if you don’t want a customer to see certain specific information in a job sheet – like the engineer’s name – you can remove that from their dashboard. These changeable settings will give you the chance to show your customers exactly what they need to see.

View manager is available across all logins: Customer, Sales, Engineer and Manager.


Powerful New Search Bar

We have introduced a new search solution in Clik Remote in order to help you quickly find information such as equipment or job-related documents. You can search by serial number and view the job history of the preferred result. Or even locate a job/invoice by customer reference. This feature is further customisable, allowing the user to set a favourite search option to their dashboard.

Each module will have tailored search options depending on which areas the user has access to.

clik remote manager software, search results


Contracts & Visits

Contracts and visits have been added to the Manager module. This allows you to view the progress of contracts and visits by looking at the financial section or viewing the work that was carried out on a visit.

The contracts and visits are read-only in the Manager and Customer logins.



The CRM has received a major update in order to make it more intuitive and overall, more useful for you and your users. We’ve decluttered and developed a simple layout that is easier to navigate and shows everything you need to know about your clients and jobs. You can now quickly navigate to a customer’s and view their activity or contacts. You can easily find equipment, update the details and view the job history.

CRM is available in Manager and Sales logins. Customers have access to their own sites.



Column Chooser

We’ve added more options across the column chooser such as equipment user-definable fields, allowing you to customise how you view the information in the table.

The column chooser is available in all modules and logins.


Engineer Schedule

You can now access the engineers schedule on mobile devices. Providing visibility of the schedule as well as the ability to assign engineers to jobs directly from the module through the available engineer selection screen.

The engineers schedule is only available in the Manager login.


Live Updates

No more needing to get logged on with our tech team to update your software. You can now check for updates in your settings and complete the process yourself. We’ve already got lots planned for Clik Remote’s future. With this new function, you can get the latest updates when we release them.


What’s Next?

We plan to add options for forcing specific tasks to be completed before a job sheet can be marked as complete in Engineer to help capture the right information when a job is complete. Standard faults for completing new jobs and support for quote templates will also be looked into in the near future.

A big upgrade for the Customer module is also in the pipeline; which will give you the ability to provide your customers with the option to accept quotes and view their diary to see when work is scheduled. We will also be investigating the ability to have multiple users for one client company that may have multiple sites to manage. You can check what else is planned for Clik Remote in this blog post.


New to Clik Remote? Find out more about the remote management software and check out this quick overview of each login module to see why you should implement the system into your business structure.

The Clik Remote upgrade is available now, read more about the launch here.


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