Uaw Tentative Agreement Highlights

Tens of thousands of UAW workers are going to the polls this week to ratify or reject a tentative agreement between the union and General Motors. The working journalist Mike Martinez has been following the negotiations since day one and is thinking about who will benefit – and who will not – if the proposed pact is adopted. DETROIT – Details of the preliminary agreement between UAW and General Motors have been released as we wait for union management to vote on sending the agreement to union members. The agreement is expected to take one to two weeks and is expected to take place within two weeks. Ford and UAW negotiators reached an interim agreement on Wednesday after three days of talks on the basis of the model agreement. “Ultimately, UAW members will make the decision to ratify the agreement,” Dittes wrote in a statement. “Their unity and solidarity led us to this moment.” The union thought, predictably, that it is not Bueno and tried to recover production on this side of the Rio Grande during the 2019 contract. In this respect, it has failed. There is no mention of a product coming back from Mexico, either in the strengths of the union contract, nor in a comprehensive white paper. Other strengths include the company`s commitment to allocate TeamGM funds across all trading units within each function, persistent restrictions on outsourcing and the language of full use, and an improvement plan that replaces PIP, which has a defined start and end date. Neither UAW President Gary Jones nor Vice-President Terry Dittes attended the press conference following the National Council session. Members will begin voting on the agreement on Saturday, UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg said.

In addition to health care, investments in facilities and the ratification bonus, there are some strengths of the contract: in addition to the impact on UAW Local 400 in Utica, Lashbrook is good in the interim agreement. “It is with regret that three of these four institutions will be concluded with regret,” the summary states. “But we`re thrilled that Detroit Hamtramck is staying open with a new product.” A post-sale and after-sales plant in Fontana, California, would also be closed for the duration of the agreement. Todd Dunn, president of UAW Local 862 in Louisville, represents workers at the Kentucky Truck Plant and the Louisville Assembly. He said the health component was “a great relief” because members were concerned that their share of the costs would increase. He said he was focused on breaking through the details of the preliminary agreement. The UAW National Ford Council voted Friday to recommend ratification of a preliminary agreement with Ford Motor Co. after three hours of review and discussion. As soon as base salary increases are paid, peak production of eligible permanent employees would reach $32.32 by the end of the four-year contract.

At the same time, all senior employees recruited before the contract expires in 2019 would be entitled to top salaries until the end of the four-year contract, which will halve the current time frame. The UAW-GM strike is not the only issue the union is monitoring as it goes through the negotiation process with two other companies: Aramark Corp.


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