What I’ve Learned In Two Weeks At Clik

clik software's office dog rusty

I’ve learned a lot since I started working in Digital Marketing. Highlights include how to politely answer the question: “What do you actually do?” and discovering how easy it is to spend a silly amount of time scrolling through Behance. I’ve also learned a lot since I joined Clik two weeks ago. Here are my biggest lessons:

Everyone Is Switched On

I’ve met almost all 40 members of Team Clik, and not only are they all friendly, but everyone is super-focused and passionate about what they do. It’s a refreshing environment and I look forward to getting to know everyone a bit better over a local burger.

It’s A Dog’s Life

Rusty is the office dog/Lord of the Manor and makes the most of that moniker. He loves a nap and has already strolled over to my desk a few times to say hello. He’s currently sporting a neck cone following an operation, so is really feeling sorry for himself and getting plenty of sympathy.

There’s A Cat Club

While we’re talking animals, Clik has its own feline appreciation society known as The Cat Club. I found this out after explaining that I’m more of a dog person; a remark that provoked a few claws to come out.

Clik Love Their Customers

Clik’s mission to help businesses become more efficient is at the core of everything they do. Every department genuinely works with the best interests of their customers in mind. I’ve had some product training and the benefits of Clik’s job management software are clear. I’m a big fan of the integration between the different products and initiatives such as Phil Banting’s How To Videos.

Seal Has Fans At Clik

On the surface, #FridayMusic is a system used to gather song requests for the office soundtrack to Friday afternoon, but it’s already revealed itself to be much more. Bold choices from Toto’s Africa to Seal’s Kiss From A Rose have taught me a lot about my new colleagues.

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