Top 5 Clik Remote Features


Job management software can help you keep track of your business, wherever you are.

Need to assign jobs to engineers or lookup customer details whilst away from the office? Field-based job management is here to help. In 2019, we released the brand-new Clik Remote; our web-based job management package, complete with a redesigned interface and faster functions.

Here are our top five favourite features you can find in the new Clik Remote software:



The first thing that greets you when logging onto Clik Remote portal will be the unique dashboard. Here, you can keep track of all the data important to you and see how your business is performing.

You can customise the widgets and reports; from the number of completed jobs to monthly revenue and costs. The dashboard is completely configurable to best suit your company targets and goals.

These tailor-made graphs and dashboard widgets are available in every login module. A Clik Remote Dashboard licence is also available to help you track targets and reach goals.

clik remote software, dashboard



Clik Remote has a smart, built-in integration with Google Maps that can be used in a number of ways to speed up management processes.

Within the Manager login, you will be able to track engineers, find unassigned jobs and easily locate site addresses and directions. With only a few clicks you can also assign engineers to available jobs based on their location, making it straightforward to select the right engineers for the right job.

clik remote software, maps screen


Customer Login

It’s not just your own workforce that will be able to keep an eye on their ongoing work within the job management solution. You can also choose to give your clients their own unique login, giving them access to all the data they need in one place.

Customers can view and create jobs from Clik Remote as well as access site history and view quotes. Thanks to the privilege system in the Manager login, you can control exactly what your customers can and cannot view in their dashboard, right down to specific reports and templates.

You can see the full list of benefits your customers can access through Clik Remote here.

clik remote software, customer login jobs screen



The heart of any management system; the CRM safely stores the important details about your customers and suppliers. With remote management software, you can access your customer database anywhere, even when you’re away from the main desktop hub, to make sure you have the information you need to complete jobs to a high standard.

View contacts, sites, past communication and activity history in an easy-to-navigate layout. We’ve also got a powerful search bar that can locate what you need, when you need it. Not only can you view anything with a few clicks/taps, but you can also search and create job sheets directly from the selected result.

You can view your CRM in the Manager and Sales logins.

clik remote software, crm screen


Job Sheets

Creating and managing job sheets on-the-go is even easier with remote management software. You can create job sheet templates and email them directly from Clik Remote. The web-based platform can be accessed on any tablet or smartphone, making it straightforward to capture signature and photos when onsite to add to your job sheets.

Job sheets can be viewed and edited in the Manager, Engineer and Customer logins.

clik remote software, jobs screen


Clik’s job management software is available for your managers, engineers, customers and sales team. See our comparison sheet to see what modules are accessible in each of these logins.


Other Features

The feature list doesn’t end there. We’ve got plenty of other new additions for our intuitive job management solution, including:


All this sounding good so far? You can try our job management solution, Clik Remote, for free today to see first-hand how it can benefit your business.

Clik Remote requires a connection to the main Clik Service database. If you haven’t yet got set up with our service management software, access your free demo or get in touch.


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