The Only F-Gas Log You Need

You’re working to a tight schedule, and you have four more jobs to get to today after this one. Maintaining the refrigerant containers on a customer’s site is one thing, but you also need to record where the new refrigerants systems are being installed and where the old ones are going. You want to make Greta Thunberg proud of you and do f-gas right, but you want to do it quickly and move onto the next job.

f-gas log, clik remote

This is where Clik Remote comes in. It gives your engineers the ability to record the movement of all f-gases while the engineer is onsite. You can even give your customers access so they can view logs and reports for their sites.

Clik Service has had an f-gas module for a long time. Although it lacked the ability for engineers to record logs while onsite, they would have to send the info back to the office for it to be manually entered into Clik. (Why didn’t we think of this at the time? Let’s not talk about it – ssh).

With Clik Remote, engineers, customers and managers can log on with any web browser to view, record and track all f-gases. Customers will be able to see their planned work visits and create jobs for any urgent reactive work that needs carrying out.

So now, with Clik Remote – you have an efficient, effective and all-encompassing way to record your f-gas requirements.

Your f-gas records have never looked so good.

The F-Gas Module is due to be released at the start of November 2019. You can sign up to be the first to know when the F-Gas Module is released here.

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