The Latest NICEIC Cert Software Updates


Our developers are working hard to get our latest NICEIC Cert Software package out into the world. In the meantime, we have some extra information for you to delve into.

Release Date

We are aiming for a full release of the software in the 4th quarter of the year.

With the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations being released in July, there was always going to be a lot of work to get the software ready. We felt this presented us with an ideal opportunity to rewrite the program from the ground up. This enables us to tackle any pre-existing issues the software has faced and design a new interface which will be far easier to navigate, not only will the product be stronger on the first release but future updates with upgraded and new features will be far easier to implement. We’re confident that the rewrite will prove to be a long-term success, helping us to continue to provide a quality product.

Free Upgrade

That’s right; if you renew your NICEIC Update Subscription, then you can get the new product for free! So if you are an existing customer, be sure to get on top of your updates before release to get your hands on all the new features that will be included in the new software.

Beta Testers

We are aiming to begin Beta testing in August 2018. This will involve trying out the pre-release of the software before anyone else. If you currently use our NICEIC Cert Software and wish to be part of the Beta testing group, register your interest and we will get in touch to let you know if you’ve been successful. Please note, this will be the Beta version and not the finished article, therefore, we require people with an open mind and the desire to make the product the best it possibly can be.

We will continue to push out new information about the latest features and updates with the software as and when we can. If you want to be the first to get the latest news into your inbox, be sure to sign up to our NICEIC Cert Software mailing list and continue to watch this space!

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4 comments on “The Latest NICEIC Cert Software Updates

  1. Hello Clik, we are subscribers to Clik Jobs but not, as far as I know, the NICEIC version, and as fairly new users we are learning as we go. Will we have a chance to try out the NICEIC version too? For our work disciplines I feel that this new version may be a good fit.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Certainly! A free 30 day trial of the new version will be available to download from our website and we could also take you through an assisted demo closer to the release date.

      The easiest way to get a full overview is to have a remote demo. We do this by logging into your PC/laptop and screen sharing, so you can sit back while we demo the key features of the software/app over the phone.

      In the meantime, if you want to trial the current certification package, a demo of both the software and app can be download from our website here:

      Any more questions please feel free to contact Alex Moss on 0117 953 4617


    1. Hi Steven,

      The cable calculation software is due to be updated, however, it will not be in the first release.


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