Speed Up Your Digital Certs With SQL

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For years, we’ve been helping UK electricians create professional, fuss-free electrical certs with our NICEIC Cert Software. We’ve continued to work on ways to improve the program to match the needs of our users.

You may have heard about the SQL version of the software before. But what does SQL mean and what are the benefits of SQL over the standard access version?


What Is SQL?

SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, is a programming language designed for managing large bodies of data accessed by multiple users.

The NICEIC Cert Software is initially created on an access database. This can save customer details and certs; however, it can slow down when a larger number of users are logged in at once. To help, we have another version of the software that can handle large amounts of data and users.

The SQL version of NICEIC Cert Software has been tailored for companies with multiple users wanting faster speeds. Whilst it’s available to everyone, it’s ideal for businesses with larger databases.


What Are The Benefits Of SQL?

1. More users can access simultaneously

As the software is used more frequently, you may notice a slowdown in performance if you have multiple users accessing the same database. In this scenario, upgrading your database to SQL could be the solution for you. With an SQL server, hundreds of users can be supported concurrently.

connecting multiple computers to SQL


2. Improves speed

The more users trying to access a program, the more likely to have potential issues with speed. This is also possible when large amounts of data are being passed across the network. The SQL version of the software offers you speed improvements with minimal corruption problems.


3. Greater reliability

We know technology can help ensure your work is safe by creating backups in case any accidents happen. The SQL version takes this further to ensure your database continues to run without error in the event of a crash or network failure.

Instances of crashes are more likely with access when multiple users are trying to update the database. With SQL, this is less frequent due to the way it handles communication to your database. Resulting in a reliable database, that protects you from accidents.


How Can I Upgrade?

There are some server requirements for SQL. It’s best to talk through your specific requirements with our sales and technical teams before leaping into the SQL version. You won’t be able to downgrade the software back if you change your mind.

If you’re interested in the upgrade, it will need to be downloaded and set up by our tech team. After upgrading, your annual Clik Cover will stay the same and will include all future upgrades and amendments. If you need any further details regarding the upgrade, please get in touch with your account manager.


This post was first published in February 2017 and has been edited with updated information.



2 comments on “Speed Up Your Digital Certs With SQL

  1. Hi Click,
    As your recent email monthly update shows your software running on a MacBook Pro,
    Does this mean that you have a native mac version? Without having to to run Parallel & windows?
    Thanks Marcus

    1. Hi Marcus,

      Sorry, we don’t have it available on a Mac, it is running on a Mac but with Windows installed.
      (That image is the marketing teams fault, they put it on an image of a Mac as it looks prettier. 😬)


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