Removing “Show All” From Clik Service Main Modules


Clik Service update v4.324 R31 introduces some improvements to performance and stability for the service management software.

For this update, we also made the decision to remove the ‘Show All’ option from the main modules in order to improve the overall response times for certain modules.

While working with customers, we discovered that clicking on the ‘Show All’ option for data from invoices, quotes and jobs etc. has been causing slow responses. Or, in some instances, out-of-memory errors on low spec computers. Showing all results can produce over 18 years’ worth of job sheets at once. When the user simply only needs to see 6 or 12 months before applying a filter.

We decided to tackle these memory errors by simply removing the ‘Show All’ option. Instead, we are replacing it with the opportunity to show the last 6 months’, 12 months’, 18 months’ or 24 months’ worth of data.

You can change the default of this selection by going to Settings > System settings > Extend list tick box last months.

We understand that some users will find this useful. Others may be thinking: “what if I need to view over 12 or 24 months’ worth or quotes?”. We’ve got a few alternatives to this query below:

  1. You can set the ‘From’ date to when you started using Clik. Which will then allow you to see all the relevant results.clik-service-management-software-updates-invoice-module
  2. You can set up a report in the report module if it involves data you regularly monitor or a report you regularly run. This will collect the specific date you require and make it available to other members of staff. Most of these reports can also be saved and made available for Clik Remote Manager or Customer login modules.

‘Show All’ is still available on the customer or site activity tabs in the CRM.


If you have any questions about the update or feedback regarding the changes made, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The new update is available to download from 29 May 2019.

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