New Clik Remote – On It’s Way!

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The new Clik Remote is very close to release. It’s looking beautiful, but it’s not just a pretty face. The new Clik Remote is brimming with features to help you organise your team as well as streamline your online service management, and will arrive in time for Christmas.

We listened to what you wanted and have completely overhauled the separate login areas for engineers and customers, as well as adding a new login for sales. These areas or modules have been tailored for each of these users, with a unique dashboard where you can instantly see key stats and access that modules features.

For the new sales module, this will include an enquiries and orders tab and a CRM, which is personalised for each individual login. Each sales team member will be able to see their customer address book with a communication log and quotes.

From the engineer module’s dashboard, you’ll be able to access your diary, look-up purchase orders, create quotes, add documents and see what contract visits you have. All from their own tab.

For your customer’s, they’ll be welcomed by a new interactive dashboard showing them useful stats and graphs, personalised for their account with a multitude of helpful features. Including a new service incidents tab, which will allow customers to directly flag an issue and send an enquiry to head office. Your head office can then decide if it warrants creating a job sheet and sending out an engineer; or if it can be resolved with just a phone call. There’s also a powerful reports tab where customers can identify and track trends e.g. what do most job sheets get raised for? Have our SLA’s been met?

But overall you can control what access each login has through the privilege system in Clik Service.

If you already have Clik Remote, then you’ll automatically get this update in a few weeks’ time.

2 comments on “New Clik Remote – On It’s Way!

  1. We bought the software late last year as we needed to upgrade. What a difference this has made,so easy to use and very professional.
    It downloaded very quickly and the online certificates bought from the NICEIC were there on screen in minutes.
    Im very grateful to Alex for his help.

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