Keep Your Clik Remote Accounts Secure With SSL

ssl in clik remote

Ever noticed that at the beginning of some websites it says “http” before the rest of the website address, while others have an added s at the end like “https”? That little s means that the website, and your connection to it, are secure and any information you put into that site has been encrypted. The tech behind that s is called SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer – not very catchy we know.

However, having an SSL will prevent any private information, including user names and passwords, being sent over the internet as plain text; which is easily intercepted by cunning hackers.

An SSL is like your bedroom curtains. Any passer-by could peer into your room and sneak a peek, finding out more about you than you’d perhaps like to share, if you don’t draw your curtains and protect your modesty.

In the same way, if you have private information being transferred from your computer to a server – as it is in Clik Remote – if the connection is not secure and the info not encrypted, it’s vulnerable to peeping cyber-attackers.

Installing an SSL Certificate on the server where your Clik Remote software is, will secure the connection from a web browser to your web server. The SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind an encryption code to your details, so your information remains private and safely in your hands.

Even Google are working to protect your private info in 2017. Their latest Chrome browser update makes it clear for users to see when a website is secure. As you can see in the below image, with the latest version of Chrome, pages asking you to enter a password or credit card info that don’t have an SSL Certificate will be clearly flagged as “Not secure”.


You can buy an SSL Certificate from trusted industry experts like Thawte for about £120. The SSL Certificate will need to be installed on the machine that hosts your Clik Remote site, but from here it will protect all your Clik Remote accounts. Keeping your private information for your eyes only.

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