What’s Planned For Clik Remote


With an enhanced user interface and revised features, our web-based remote software will speed up the management process and give you more control over your business.

We will be introducing further updates along the line to add even more features and fix any pesky bugs that we come across. Here are just a few of the developments planned for the upgraded Clik Remote:

Engineer Login

Standard faults
Standard faults will be added to the create job sheet process. So you can easily create jobs even when out-of-hours.

Force complete
This additional feature will force specific tasks to be fully completed before an engineer can mark job sheets as complete.

We will be working on introducing F-Gas logging into Clik Remote. So engineers can record transactions when they are onsite or out of the office.

Customer Login

Ability to accept/reject quotes
The customer login will be receiving an upgrade to allow you to provide your customers with the option to accept or reject quotes with comments, name and reference.

Multi-user login
We will also be investigating the prospect of having multiple users for one client company that may have multiple sites to manage. This will become beneficial to businesses that require staff members to manage specific sites.

Your customers will be able to access their diary and check on their ongoing jobs. The diary module is currently available for engineers, managers and sales only.


Notification panel
Keep track of all your notifications in one place with a decluttered notification panel.

Quote template support
In order to speed up the process of creating quotes, we will be rolling out support for applying quote templates in Clik Service.

User-definable fields
We will be looking into introducing user-definable fields for quotes and sales orders.


All this will be in development soon for future updates. Thanks to the new live updates features, you will be able to get your hands on them as soon as they become available. Plenty more additions will be added to the development schedule along the way. Comment below and let us know what new features you will like to see in the future.


The new Clik Remote is due to be released on 3 June 2019. Get in touch with our sales team to get a live demo ahead of the launch or access a free demo to explore the software for yourself.


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