5 Reasons To Go Paperless


Here at Clik, we have always been keen advocates for going paperless in a business environment.

There are a multitude of benefits that come hand-in-hand with going paperless, particularly in the field service industry. We’ve explained previously that going paperless is just one example of how embracing technology can improve business, now let’s explain why.

Saves Time

It sometimes feels like we never have enough time to do everything we want to do for our business; switching to technology-led approaches can free up a lot more time.

No more searching around your desk for a pen to fill in all those job sheets or that one piece of paper in a sea of binders and boxes. You can complete the work on your desktop, phone or tablet. This speeds up the entire process.


Saves Space

Having everything organised in one place – invoices, quotes, job sheets, communication with clients, you name it – makes life incredibly easy. One system houses all of these important documents so you don’t need to.

No longer will you need those big clunky filing cabinets and boxes in that spare room in your office, you can fit all of that in just one PC or server.

Simple as that.


Saves the Environment

These days, we want to try everything we can to help the environment and that also applies in the workplace.

The good news is, Clik Service has helpful features that will further contribute to reducing environmental impact.

The vehicle module can be used as a contributing factor to cut down on travel time and reduce running costs (as shown in MFM Ltd’s story). On top of that, there is a clear factor of reduction of paper used and other materials that cause harm to the environment.


Saves Money

A purchase price may only be a small price to pay when compared to the long-term benefits that management software can provide to your business. Following a paperless direction can save on printing costs and expensive office equipment. Management software gives you the ability to select engineers based on their location using GPS and then plan a route based on which clients or companies are closest.

No longer will you be spending large amounts on petrol for long routes, you can prioritise.


Saves Your Work

A paperless system would help eradicate a number of potential errors. No more lost work or misunderstood handwriting on those paper job sheets which is likely when sticking to the old trends. Not only is a digital system a better way to keep your work in order and correct, but it can also help back up those important documents and data in case of emergency.

Both Clik Service and our NICEIC Cert Software offer backup solutions to provide peace of mind, whereas paper documents could suffer huge consequences in the unlikely event of a fire or flood.


Want to embrace the paperless approach in your business? Then why not get in touch and see how Clik can help you.

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