Reach Targets & Support Your Customers With Management Software

reach targets, support customers with management software

Relying on paper-based management can be suitable for some businesses. But as your business grows, so does your paperwork.

You have more engineers, a bigger customer base and a fuller filing cabinet. Growth can come in different forms. For some, this can just be a couple more jobs a week or a change in staff. Whatever the size of your business, the paperwork never stops, and targets still need to be reached.


Why Should I Use Service Management Software?

The difference between a regular business and a successful one can be down to the paperwork management. The way you choose to organise your paperwork can influence many other aspects of the business. Implementing software into your daily workflow can ensure no information gets lost.

So, if you’re always searching for the contact details of a client or misplacing those Excel sheets, job management software could be the answer.

It doesn’t just bring your jobs together; it can also benefit your customers and their site management.


Help Customers Manage Their Sites

Keeping in touch with your growing customer base can be difficult. You might currently have a reduced number of staff members in the office, some working remotely through a VPN or fewer engineers attending call outs. When the phone continues to ring and emails get missed, it can make clients look elsewhere for services.

It’s not just customer communication management that needs to be addressed when choosing the right software for your business.

It can be equally as important to make sure your clients get the information they need to progress with the work. Waiting on approval of a quote or a signature to complete a job can make the week feel unnecessarily long.

Speed up the process and get straight into the real work with remote site management software for your customers.

But what if your customers have staff across multiple sites?

A growing business means growth in staff and offices for your clients. But multiple sites can be confusing to keep track of. If your customers have a larger number of sites across cities or regions, jobs can get lost in the sea of addresses and irrelevant details.

The solution? A remote login dedicated to managing specific sites.

The Site login for Clik Remote allows your customers to log on via a web browser and concentrate on the site information that is relevant to them. With their own dashboard and ability to raise service incidents, they have everything they need to follow the progress of their ongoing projects.


Take the confusion away for your customers and give them a simplified rundown of their ongoing work. Maintain a good level of customer communication and keep customers happy.


Track Business Progress

So, customers know where to raise new incidents and respond to new quotes, but how do you keep on top of job progress?

The dashboard is a main central point of any software. It can provide a summary of all the details you need to know in an eye-catching layout.

Got an unpaid invoice waiting to be actioned? A counter widget can bring this to your attention and take you directly to the invoice and customer in question. Quickly get the contact details you need and get sales completed.

The Dashboard licence for Clik Remote gives you access to just the dashboard. Where you can host many different widgets and graphs to track the progress of your jobs quickly and easily.


If you want to continually have a visual representation of unassigned jobs or number of jobs completed this month, you can quickly check it all in one glance. Connect your software to a monitor in the office or in your home setup and let the details update as they happen.

Oversee and manage your business without having to wait for updates from onsite engineers. See the details live and adapt to changing statistics.

Customise the dashboard further with eye-catching colours and sizes to give you the flexibility you need to add as much or as little as you require.


The Dashboard and Site logins for Clik Remote are available now.

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