QuickBooks Link In Development


There’s a new kid on the accounting software block – or rather the younger cloud-based brother to its older desktop sibling – from QuickBooks.

We found out from last month’s survey into accounting software that your top packages were Sage 50, Xero – both of which Clik Service already links up with – and QuickBooks Online – which we currently don’t link with. To help support more of you save time our developers are now working away on linking Clik Service with QuickBooks Online.

Watch this space for more info!

6 comments on “QuickBooks Link In Development

  1. HI
    Dont forget about those using Quickbooks desktop version! – Will this be included in the integration?

    1. Hi Gary,

      Currently, we don’t have any plans to link with Quickbooks desktop version. We have tried to do this before, but we had problems with their API to link Clik and Quickbooks desktop and we had no help from them so we kept hitting a wall with it! However, the online version of Quickbooks is going well, so possibly we will revisit the desktop version in the future.


  2. Could you tell me if this has now been developed? I’m trying to move a client from Sage to Quickbooks Online and they use Clik.

    1. Hi Gloria

      This will be released in our next update which should be out within the next month. I have taken a note of your email and I’ll let you know soon as it’s available!


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