Psac Pa Collective Agreement Bereavement Leave

The Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of the Mental Health Task Force in the workplace is also included in this agreement. The task force`s mandate includes identifying ways to reduce and eliminate stigma related to mental health problems, improving communication on mental health issues in the workplace, and implementing Canada`s national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace. The parties agreed on the agreement as early as 2015 during the negotiations and the task force has been working on it ever since. The current collective agreement contains an agreement on the revision of the structure of occupational groups and the reform of classification. This agreement recognizes that classification is an exclusive authority of employers and provides for judicious consultation between the employer and the bargaining partner. The bargaining representative proposes to remove the employer`s discretion to determine when and for how long a worker should remain on mandatory leave and, second, to extend the eligibility criteria of the Government Employees Compensation Act (GECA). The agreement with the PA table brings significant improvements in the monetary compensation of members. These include an increase in wages and allowances for certain occupations, such as . B, compensation advisors and Correctional Service of Canada staff. The total compensation for all PA members is a minimum increase of five and a half percent over the four years of the collective agreement, plus a signing bonus of $650. Psac also submitted 55 specific changes to the SV group. These proposals concern 22 collective agreements and six (6) annexes, as well as new articles and memorandums and/or allocations.

In addition to improvements to the group, various government-wide measures have been integrated into the colonies. These improvements included 10 days of paid leave for domestic violence, extensive provisions for care leave, extended parental leave and social benefits, and a broader definition of family allowing for a more flexible application of paid family leave plans. The bargaining partner proposes that the worker be able to decide unilaterally whether the cumulative overtime should be compensated in cash or on leave with a salary. 8. The employer`s decision to validate a medical certificate for part of a period of leave, but for another party covering the same illness, cannot be defensible before an arbitrator, but depends on the individual circumstances of each case.


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