Pinterest User Agreement

Unfortunately, they do not contain a “simple ending” paragraph that covers this section. The first part of the sentence, “You give Pinterest and its users a… License ” simply means that you give others permission to regrafe your content, but you still own it. This is the second part that can be disturbing for photographers, “… use, record, display, reproduce, regrafer, edit, create, execute and distribute derivative works… This means that others can change the look of your content and even use your content to turn it into something else. Fortunately, in the last section, it is said that this kind of content “… on Pinterest… “This means that even if someone takes and changes one of your photos, they can only do so for the purpose of posting it on Pinterest. It may not be comforting for some of you, but I have not personally heard that it is a problem. You can terminate this contract at any time, no later than 90 days before the written notification, for convenience reasons.

(i) Pinterest terms and conditions (; (ii) technical documentation of the API; (iii) Pinterest`s (, a pinterest advertising service agreement (z.B. or a localized version of it); (iv) Pinterest`s community orientations (; and/or (v) Pinterest brands ( “Pinterest respects the rights of other brands. Accounts containing usernames, pin card names or other content that misleads others or violate another`s brand can be permanently updated, transferred or blocked. (e) Pinterest and Advertiser will each respect the Pinterest Data Sharing addendum as Appendage A and the Ad Data Terms These conditions are governed by the laws of the State of California, regardless of its conflict of laws. If you are not a consumer in the EEA, the exclusive jurisdiction has jurisdiction over all litigation arising from or related to this agreement, San Francisco County, California, or the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, and our dispute is settled in accordance with California law. You license Pinterest and our users worldwide to use, store, display, reproduce, store, edit, create spin-off works, build and disseminate your user content on Pinterest solely for the operation, development, supply and use of Pinterest. Nothing under these conditions limits other rights that Pinterest may have over the user`s content, for example. B under other licenses.


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