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electrical times october 2017

Bristol-based FM company, Mannings Facilities Management, help maintain their green credentials and cut costs with Clik’s job management software.

Ever since Barbara and Tom started searching for the Good Life, environmentally conscious individuals have been looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

But big business and even world nations are starting to take note. Following on from the Paris climate agreement in 2016 both the UK and France have pledged to ban diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040.

With Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel released this year – picking up where he left off with Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth 11 years ago – ‘being green’ is back in the mainstream.

Field service companies already thinking green, have found real business benefits from implementing environmentally friendly practices.

Mannings Facilities Management (MFM Ltd) have long been committed to minimising their environmental impact and utilising sustainable resources. Manager Simon Baber explains:

“We encourage staff to save energy, reduce environmental impact and promote resource conservation.”

But what does this involve in practice?

Save Energy

In its raw form, energy saving is efficiency. MFM Ltd found that when they upgraded their job management software to Clik Service and Clik Remote they could unite their service management.

Before they introduced Clik’s job management software they were using “an array of software packages to conduct daily business”. Duplicating many processes and causing confusion.

“Our old system was very admin extensive. Our management software didn’t communicate with our accounts software; it was all quite prehistoric if you like.

“Engineers would come back with job sheets that the accounts team needed to input into our old job management software for costings. Then replicate that in our accounts package. With Clik Service it’s a one-stop shop, just input once and jobs done.

“With Clik’s software, we have all the elements we want in one place. From the engineer’s schedules to email and route planning facilities, all incorporated within the software.

“This frees up a lot of admin time, time better spent doing other things!”

Reduce Environmental Impact

The miles can quickly rack up with a team of field engineers driving to and fro every day. Until there are more reliable electric alternatives and save from replacing your whole fleet, efficient job and vehicle management can cut travel time and reduce running costs.

MFM Ltd.’s dedication to maintain and improve their quality and environmental objectives also sees them holding ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations.

To keep their fleet in peak condition, reduce disruption and support their ISO accreditations, MFM Ltd uses the vehicle management module in Clik Service.

“The vehicles module in Clik Service assists us greatly, enabling us to set reminders for servicing and MOT’s for individual vehicles. Up until now, it’s been a case of one of our team documenting service and MOT dates manually. We were quite impressed with the fact that we can set up email reminders too.”

They’ve also taken full advantage of new remote management software from Clik, to keep track of and organise their teams.

“Clik Remote Manager allows senior engineers in the field to organise and schedule other engineers. It pretty much gives them everything Clik Service does in the office, which has proved very beneficial to our managers.

“Also, Clik Remote Customer is particularly useful for our clients, who can have remote access to their job sheets, quotations, invoices etc.

“As a company, we must get with the times and obviously for ISO purposes it’s great because we’re going to cut down our carbon footprint too.”

Resource Conservation

The simplest way to reduce costs and office resources is to drastically cut-down on paperwork.

“Our old system in the office involved trollies with paper piles for different managers. When we raised a job with our old software there’d be a printed call slip, then once the paperwork came back from the engineers that got printed off too and put into a file. Then a manager would look at it, makes sure it’s all ok and push it through to accounts for invoicing.

“But with the Clik Service set up this is going to do away with the old pre-historic trollies, and we’re going to be working on our computer screens.”

“Raising jobs with Clik Service automatically creates the job sheet, so the engineer gets all the information they need, including the site name, job number, postcode, equipment. All in one place.”

By reducing their reliance on paperwork and saving office space with Clik Service and Clik Remote, MFM Ltd has also saved the most important resource for any field service business. Their time.

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