What Is The NICEIC Cert Software (& How It Works)

Electrical certification can be difficult and time consuming without the right tools. Lost certificates, misplaced customer details and confused electricians can make the process cost more time.

We introduced the new NICEIC Cert Software at the beginning of 2019. The software streamlines your work and ensures your team has the tools they need to get the job done on time.

If you’re new to management software and want to make the certification process easier, have a look and see if NICEIC Cert Software the right step for your business.


What Is The NICEIC Cert Software?

NICEIC Cert Software is electrical testing certificate software, helping contractors save time when testing and completing electrical certificates.

It removes the need for paper certificates, which can be easily lost or damaged. Taking certs digital makes it easier to send over copies to clients when the work is done. It also gives you the opportunity to turn your frequently used certificates into templates to speed up future work.

Add client details to certs from your address book and quickly fill in necessary fields with handy drop-down menus and autofill options. Turn your certificate into a PDF and save it for your records, without taking up space in those overflowing filing cabinets.

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It’s loaded with up-to-date 18th edition NICEIC certs to help you comply with the latest wiring regulations. So, if you need to fill out condition reports or inspection certificates, all the cert types you need are available and ready.


Taking Certificates Onsite

It’s very useful to be able to create and manage your electrical certificates from the office. But what about when going onsite? There are a few options to choose from.

Electrical certification apps

Electrical contractors can also take the certs they need on-the-go with the certificate apps. The office software and compatible apps work together to help you create fault-free, professional certificates.

Send the necessary certs to your electricians and they can easily fill in the test results onsite, without the need of a pen and paper. Apply digital signatures and cut out any unnecessary steps to get the job done on time.

With a future update, users with appropriate privileges will be able to apply the cert number and complete it there and then with Cloud Numbering functionality. This feature is not yet available, but you can have a look at what to expect from Cloud Numbering.

Field mode

With a field licence, your team can continue working on their certs from anywhere. And it’s not just your phones or tablets that can work as a field device.

Field Mode works in a similar way to the Clik Cert Electrical apps. But also comes with the additional capabilities of the desktop version. Meaning you can utilise the full keyboard of your laptop to fill in test results and notes with ease. Access to a keyboard also unlocks additional time-saving features such as shortcut keys.


Hosting In The Cloud

So, your electricians have the tools they need to ensure work continues when they are onsite. But at this point, you might be thinking: “how can we access the full database if we’re not in the office?”

With so many of us working from home, being able to access the office software remotely is a big advantage. A common solution for this is using a VPN. Connecting the software remotely means you can continue to send certs to your electricians. And you can fulfil admin tasks when working from your home office or sofa.

If you are looking for a new permanent home for your database, hosting the software on a cloud server could be an option. This allows you to get a fast connection to the software in the same way you would when logging into a client machine in the office.


Download a free demo to see the benefits of our electrical certificate software for yourself.

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This post was first published in February 2016 and has been edited with updated information.

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