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You might have heard the words mentioned by your account manager or seen it on our website. To use the NICEIC Cert Software apps, you will require a field licence.

But what is a field licence and how can it help?

Essentially, a field licence will allow a user to log into Clik Cert Electrical or Field Mode to fill in certs when out in the field. Unlike office licences, field licences will be assigned to specific users, meaning only that user will be able to log onto a field device.


Clik Cert Electrical

Previously ‘Clik Elec Cert’, the iOS and Android apps allow engineers to create new certs. They can also continue working on existing ones sent from the office on their smartphone or tablet. The app can work offline, making it easy to enter customer details, test results and add signatures. An internet connection will be required to sync certs.

The ability to produce PDFs of draft certs or circuit details schedule will also be introduced in builds 1.0.11 (iOS) and 1.0.9 (Android). These PDF features will allow users to save and email certs directly from their device to their client or colleague. This will also be added to Field Mode.


What Is NICEIC Cert Software Field Mode?

The compatible apps have been around for a number of years, but what is Field Mode? The release of the new NICEIC Cert Software also introduced a new way to access some of the certification features when out in the field.

Field Mode is typically installed on a Windows laptop. It gives you similar capabilities to the apps, with the benefits of a bigger screen and keyboard. Fill out certs, apply templates and send it all back to the office program ready to be completed and emailed to your client. It provides a secure connection to your database, keeping your data safe.


Field Users

A ‘field user’ will be able to access Clik Cert Electrical or Field Mode. Which is best for your business? That will depend on what kind of devices your engineers have access to when out in the field.

You can grant field licences to any of your users within the office program, so long as a field licence is available. Within the staff tab, you can see how many field licences you have on your account. It will also show you how many are actively being used. Got a field user that no longer needs to access the software on-the-go? You can also revoke licences to ensure the right users can get the access they need.

With the introduction of Cloud Numbering features coming soon in upcoming builds, field users will be able to apply numbers and complete certs when out in the field, without the need to upload them back to the office. You will be able to control what Field Users can do when using Clik Cert Electrical or Field Mode. These user privileges found in the office software will make sure every engineer has access to what they need.

What’s more, you get your first field licence for free with active Clik Cover, the first year of which is included when you purchase the office software. Which means you can give one user the ability to fill in certs onsite using Clik Cert Electrical or Field Mode.


Contact your account manager to review your licensing or ask any questions about the software.

2 comments on “NICEIC Cert Software Field Licensing

  1. Cost break down for NICEIC Office & Field and Click Cert Electrical (Mobile) price per user and field (mobile)

    Yearly cost per user

    Do you pay anything else in addition, like per certificate

    Can the field (mobile tablet ) be used offline? i.e. poor or no internet connection?

    1. Hello Jon,
      You can find the full pricing structure here, but field licences are £80 per user per year, office licences cost the same from year 2 onwards. The first year cost for those is £280.85 for your first office licence and £140.43 for any additional office licences.
      Certificates are purchased through the NICEIC; you can find prices on their site:
      Yes, the Clik Cert Electrical apps for mobiles and tablets can be used offline, but will require an internet connection to download or upload certs.
      If you would like further details about the software and apps, please contact our team on 0117 902 2012, who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Thanks – Jess

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