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Last year, we shared the features that would be coming soon to NICEIC Cert Software. Now we can finally share more about what we’ve been working on.

We’ve got some more details on what Cloud Numbering (previously referred to as QS Mode) will be able to do and the relevant updates we have planned to introduce the new features.


What Is Cloud Numbering?

Cloud Numbering is a new way of controlling your cert number orders. It will provide selected users with the ability to assign numbers and complete certs when out in the field. Additionally, it will give users the option to create and view PDFs directly from Clik Cert Electrical or Field Mode, with the appropriate privilege settings.

Essentially, Cloud Numbering will allow you to have more control over what your Qualified Supervisors or other specific users can do out of the office. Skip the unnecessary steps and send completed certs to your customers straight from your device or laptop.


User Privileges

We plan on gradually implementing the Cloud Numbering features in update stages; starting with update v1.0.47, which was released early April 2020. Privileges will play an important part in the next couple of software updates. These will give you more control over what your engineers and users can see and do in the software.

These additional settings will ensure that each user has the access they need to certs and additional functions, such as printing, emailing and editing, just to name a few.



Saving PDFs

Following the big privileges update, v1.0.48 aims to include the option for Field Users to create draft PDFs without having to send their certs back to the office. This option will become available to field users with appropriate privileges, which will be set off by default when released. Clik Cert Electrical users will then be able to view, create and save certs directly from their device. To do so, they will need to apply the relevant app updates.


Cloud Numbering

If enabled, you will be able to assign numbers to certs from outside of the office using Field Mode or Clik Cert Electrical. In order to get these functions available for your users, you will need to enable Cloud Numbering. These features are in the works for update v1.0.49 onwards.

Once set up, all your unused cert numbers will be uploaded to the Clik Cloud server. Moving forward, any future orders will be activated on the cloud rather than downloaded to your office system. This does mean that you will always need an active internet connection through to our server to be able to assign any cert numbers, whether you are in the office or out in the field.

It’s a one-way switch, meaning that once you move to Cloud Numbering you won’t be able to switch back. However, it will introduce a significant improvement in flexibility for working out in the field, allowing users to complete certs on-site with a field licence. You would no longer need to be connected to your office database to complete certs, but you still control a central database so all your work sits in one place.

Full details and steps on how to set up Cloud Numbering will be released alongside the update.


Beta Testing

Development for the Cloud Numbering updates is underway. We will shortly be looking for existing users to help with Beta testing. If you are interested in trying out the new features, please register your interest. Please note that Beta testing will involve testing out features that may still have some bugs that need ironing out.


4 comments on “NICEIC Cert Software Cloud Numbering

  1. You definitely need to put the ability to save the certificate directly from the left column showing recent activities – that would make like so much easier. I have been asking for this for a while instead of going through the filter etc.

    1. Hello Scott,

      Thank you for getting in touch, we really appreciate your feedback. I’ll make sure this is followed up with our development team to see how we are progressing with this feature request item.
      Please let us know if you have any further suggestions for the software.


  2. Hi

    1 – If the NICEIC Cert software is going to be Cloud based, can we call up all certs issued when working remotely.

    2 – If we are customer facing sometimes we need to show certs issued and when renewal is due so can we access our database either from Clik or Google, Dropbox etc

    3 – Export List not seeing a column to see when cert renewals will be. In the past software releases renewal dates was not a feature like the previous software non cloud base version. Need to enter renewal dates on Excel which is then setup on the cert reminder.

    1. Hello Yogesh,
      Thank you for your comment.
      With Cloud Numbering, it will be just the cert numbers that will be on the cloud, your database and all issued certs will be hosted locally with the office software. It will still require appropriate certs to be synced to engineers if they wished to access them remotely.
      Thank you for the additional column request for the export list, we have added this to our wishlist.
      I hope that helps. If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to get in touch.

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