What To Expect From The New NICEIC Cert Apps


So we’ve been talking loads about our new NICEIC Cert Software package, it’s about time we discussed our mobile apps that work alongside the desktop software. Not only are we bringing plenty of upgrades to the main package, we are also throwing them all in the apps; including a fresh new user interface and 18th edition ready certs.

You’ve been requesting it ever since the iPad app was released back in 2012 and your calls have finally been answered: NICEIC certificates are coming to iOS smartphone devices. Alongside the new NICEIC Cert Software desktop package, our developers have been secretly working on an app for iPhone and iPad devices (iOS 11 and above).


For all those out there that are not a fan of Apple products, we also offer an Android alternative. This has been available for over a year across Android phones and tablets and works in a similar way to our other software. The Android app – available for tablet and smartphone devices – will also be receiving a shiny new look and more features than ever before.

We understand that almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays; the iOS and Android compatible apps will allow site teams to fill out their NICEIC certificates offline and on the move, quickly and easily. The app will allow you to create, fill in and even sign off certificates directly on the device whilst on site. The certificates can then be sent back to the desktop software in the office to be completed and delivered to customers. Not only is this method quick and efficient, it also saves you money and resources; which means no more printing pages of documents or wasting hours typing up work later.

Along with the beautiful new design and easy-to-use layout across the apps, we are adding the ability to have multiple team members work on one certificate at the same time. You will each be able to fill in a distribution board on different devices to then later combine these into one certificate back in the desktop software. How neat is that?


What makes these apps even more appealing is that you can get your first mobile app licence for free when you purchase our NICEIC Cert Software desktop software and update subscription. Additional licences are only £80 each per year.

If that has made you excited for the upcoming launch, then check our system requirements, to make sure your device is ready for the app upgrade.

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    1. Hi Steve,

      We hope this will not be the case. It would be good to know which iPads you currently use. The software will run on iOS 11 in order to accommodate the new features, which is supported on many of their tablet and smartphone products. You can find which iPads are supported here: https://support.cliksoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000250157?flash_digest=4f101024d3645aa474782e4fe0c983815be36bbe

      I hope that helps. If you do have any further questions, feel free to let us know or get in touch with your account manager on 0117 902 2012.


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