“We Love Your New Job Management Software”

new job management software from clik

Our new, job management software has been out for over a month now, and we’re pretty chuffed with the feedback we’ve had about it.

You don’t have to listen to us harping on about it though, read how other field service companies have been getting on with Clik Remote Manager.

“The widgets are excellent!”

“Clik Remote Manager is a great way for our business to see how many jobs are booked, completed or invoiced…even away from the office.

“The set-up was quick, easy and very user-friendly and I love the chart and the status count widgets on the dashboard.”

Scott Morgan – PHD Mechanical
Gas, Heating & Plumbing


“Our clients love the idea”

“The great thing about it is the dashboard. It’s quick and easy to read which is a massive help for the business. What we’ve done is get some big screens on the wall in the office and put Clik Remote Manager up on them. Then we made everyone their own widget so they can see how many jobs they’ve got outstanding, which go down during the day. It’s like a work in progress. It’s really good because everyone can look up and easily see their work.

“I can even log on at home. Then when one of my client’s rings and says ‘Tell me about this job? What happened?’. I can be on the phone and able to find the information quickly, with a glass of red wine in one hand.

“Our clients also love the idea…it’s a sales tool for us now too. I can take [Clik Remote Manager] with me on my laptop to show them what they can do – log in and check up on what you like – which they think is great.”

Paul Lebrett – Rapid Response Maintenance
Building Maintenance


“It gives you freedom – which is fantastic!”

“It’s [Clik Remote Manager] really good. It does what it says on the tin. It’s great because it means you’re not tied to a laptop or a static system when you’re out and about. It gives you the freedom to raise calls in an out of hours, which is fantastic.

“I tried it on my tablet while I was abroad. I was sitting there on a Mediterranean cruise raising calls off the back of the deck. Which was handy.

“It also helps us develop relationships with our clients. So, we’ll definitely continue using it.”

Jacquie Jenkins – HB Catering & Refrigeration
Catering Equipment


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