Introducing The Brand-New Clik Gas Software

Clik Gas Desktop Software Screenshot

Haven’t you heard? We’re working on a new version of Clik Gas and it’s called Clik Cert.

But what’s different? Which certificates will be included? What even is Clik Gas?! We’ve got all the answers to all these questions as well as some exclusive first images of what the software will look like right here.


What is Clik Cert (Gas)?

Clik Gas has been around for a while now. If you are unfamiliar, essentially, Clik Gas is gas safety certification software; a program that can help you complete gas certificates digitally. The powerful desktop software is packed full of time-saving features – including the ability to create templates and set reminders. Whether you’re on or offsite, you can take Clik Cert (Gas) with you so you can produce professional certificates wherever you are.


Gas Certification Apps

But how can you take your work onsite? The offline apps provide a streamlined connection to the main office software, making it easy to send work to your engineers on the road. Fill in certificate details, capture a signature, create a PDF and email it straight to your customers, all from your device.

The new apps will be available for iOS and Android devices. See if your device is compatible here.


What’s New?

We’ve rebuilt the software and compatible apps from the ground up. Here are just some of our favourite changes and new additions:


  • Link With Clik Service

The upgraded version will help speed up the certification process with options to link to your existing Clik Service database. No more duplicated contact details for your customers if you currently use both Clik Service and Clik Gas. Keep track of all jobs, notes and communication with one database across the two programs.


  • More Certificates

We are aiming to increase the range of certificates available at your fingertips. So, if you require domestic testing reports or non-domestic safety certificates, you will be able to complete all your work in one place. We’ve put together a list of certificates we plan to have in the release, which you can view here.

view of certificate in software


  • Brand-New Look & Layout

The biggest difference will be the changes to the layout and overall look of the desktop program. We’ve remodelled the software and improved the usability across all modules so it’s now even easier to create new certs, apply templates or create reminders.

Have a look at the changes for yourself:

desktop certificate software

Get in touch with our team if you are interested in finding out more about Clik Cert. Or have a look around yourself with a free demo.

What do you think about the new software? Let us know in the comments below or email us with any feature suggestions.

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