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The process of taking work onsite and working on jobs outside the office is an important aspect to consider when investing in management software.

A simple web application like Clik Remote can give access to your workforce wherever they are with an internet connection.

Clik Remote is an intuitive, online product with four separate logins. Allowing everyone involved to view and manage your jobs. With the release of the new Clik Remote right around the corner, we’ll have a deeper look into each login and the benefits of each one.



Clik Remote Manager allows complete access to new jobs and engineers’ workload, all in wrapped up in a tailored dashboard. Your manager will have access to the core modules in Clik Service; from the CRM and jobs to quotes and invoices. Managers will be able to access bespoke reports, keep an eye on their diary and schedule their engineers even when they are out of the office.

Why use the Manager module?

Being able to cast an overviewing eye over the business is an important benefit for managers and directors. Keeping track of your engineers and sales team can be difficult without the right tools, but the Manager module will help keep all the information you need in one place. You’ll also be able to view local unassigned jobs and assign them to nearby engineers, quickly and easily.

Clik Remote Manager Login – Dashboard



Your engineers need to be able to see quickly and clearly see what contract visits they have booked in and view any upcoming jobs they need to attend to. Clik Remote Engineer allows your team to view site and equipment history and access documents they might need for their jobs. You can tailor the module to suit your staff; if an engineer needs access to create new jobs, quotes or purchase orders, you can give them access to these modules alongside their timesheets and diary.

Why use the Engineer module?

When onsite, engineers will be able to use their available device (tablet, laptop, smartphone) to access Clik Remote. The office will be able to see job updates from the engineers instantly in Clik Service. If you have provided the engineers with a template, they can create a job sheet PDF and email it directly to the customer onsite instantaneously.

Clik Remote Engineer Login – Jobs & Timesheets Modules



Did you know Clik Remote offers a module for your clients to log in and check the status of jobs or even create them? Well, the Customer module will supply just that. Customers can simply check online to see the number of planned jobs, view unpaid invoices and directly flag issues and enquiries straight to your head office.

Why use the Customer module?

As well as providing customers with the chance to view quotes, jobs and invoices, they will also be able to check reports and track trends in jobs. Clik Remote Customer has a powerful search tool. Your clients can quickly locate jobs, sites and equipment and view their history. Giving access to your customers will allow better communication between parties and result in better jobs being completed.

Clik Remote Customer Login – Jobs Module



Clik Remote Sales gives your team access to their customer address book, communication log and diary appointments. They will also be able to keep an eye on sales orders and enquires for clients.

Why use the Sales module?

Keeping your sales team in the loop with the work your business carries out will help improve efficiency for the company and allow your team to work closely together on the important work. The sales team will be able to see their work quickly and clearly in their own dashboard. And arrange the important stats thanks to customisable widgets.

Clik Remote Sales Login – Invoice Module


Clik Remote requires:

  • The main office software Clik Service installed
  • A static IP address
  • An SSL certificate (please call us or see our SSL blog).

See the full list of requirements on our product page.


Get in touch today for a live demo of the software. Or if you want to explore the software for yourself, download your free demo here.


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