The Latest NICEIC Cert Software Features & What’s Next


Since the launch back in January, we have been continuing to make improvements and add new features to the NICEIC Cert Software.

Here are some of the best new additions and why you should be using them.


Editing Addresses In Certs

It’s now even easier to add the details of the client and installation to certs. If you spot an error, or the site address of a customer has changed, the edit function within certs will help you quickly make adjustments.

There are additional functions within certs to help you copy an existing company address if you have multiple plots or buildings on the same site. This will be beneficial if you are looking to add a new site or edit an address while keeping hold of the existing record in the address book.

The edit and copy addresses features are included in update v1.0.43, see the version details for more information.



Spellcheck instantly identifies and corrects errors when you are filling out a cert on the desktop software. You can also run spellcheck across an entire cert before completing to make sure they are consistently finished to a high standard.

The spellcheck function in the NICEIC Cert Software will help you keep your certs fault-free, so you can save time and reduce expenses.

Spellcheck is included in update v1.0.43, see the version details for more information.



The Column Chooser

It’s not just the cert completion process that should be straightforward. The organisation of your certs is also important to consider. That’s why we’ve made it simple to filter all your certs and find what you need, even when you’re in a hurry.

The column chooser will enable each user to customise the cert list to display the fields that are important to them. If there are any column fields you feel haven’t been included, please email us with your suggestions.

This feature was introduced in update v1.0.42.0, see the version details for more information.


Default Values

Speed up the completion process with default values for cert fields. This function will allow you to add specific values for certain fields, which will then be automatically be filled in when you create a new cert of that type.

If you have commonly used system types, earthing conductors or voltage ratings, you can set this up so you don’t have to complete it every time you or your workforce fill out a cert. There are many default values available for various cert types, if you have suggestions for further values to add here, please email us.

Setting default values was a feature introduced in update v1.0.42.0, see the version details for more information.


What’s Next

That’s not everything we have planned for the NICEIC Cert Software. Our developers are working on even more features to make sure the software will give you everything you need to reduce paperwork and speed up the certification process.



Verification tools will be added to the software in a future update. This will be an optional step that helps reinforce the completion of a cert and make sure they are filled out to a high standard.

The verification function, depending on development, will be able to check things such as spelling, blank fields and circuit details verification. If you have suggestions or requirements for this feature, please send them over for consideration. We will confirm which fields are included in the verification process when the update is released.


QS Mode

We will be looking into adding the ability to sync and send cert numbers to field users. This will allow qualified supervisors to apply numbers to their certs when out in the field.

As well as applying numbers, the QS will also have the ability to print and complete their certs, without having to send them back to the desktop.

Further details regarding this update will be announced when development is underway.


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