A Day In The Life Of A Support Engineer – Kieran


He’s there when you need a helping hand with Clik Service and NICEIC Cert Software, here’s a typical day at the office for Kieran.

My mornings regularly involve hitting the snooze button before getting myself out of bed and on my way to the office. No long commutes for me, just a short walk to Clik Towers. I will always have my sunglasses with me, whatever the weather.

The first thing I do when getting to work is head into the kitchen to make myself a morning beverage that can help wake me up. This usually means making a coffee strong enough to wake the dead.

Being part of the wonderful tech team means my days are pretty dynamic; every day is different. So once I’ve got my incredibly strong brew ready, I go with the flow and start making phone calls or emailing customers to help provide them with technical support.

My favourite part of the week is when the beers arrive on a Friday afternoon.

Living so close to the office means I can scuttle home each lunchtime to play the guitar for an hour.

When the day draws to a close, I will sometimes end up going to one of the local pubs or practising my guitar. I’m in a band so this will frequently involve making a lot of noise in a room somewhere. (We have an album out!)

My music taste spans a lot of genres, mainly including doom pop, noise rock, Simpsonswave* and mathcore. My favourite album tends to change about every ten minutes, currently, it is ‘Fever To Tell’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

My favourite book is ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhaill Bulgakov, favourite film is In Bruges and favourite food is garlic bread.


*Editor’s note: we’re not too sure what it is either!

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