Choosing The Right Job Management Software


You’ve seen the term coined around the industry before and you’re interested in finding out more. Could job management software work for your business? If so, which one should you be using?

Follow these steps and find the best solution that is suitable for you and your business without breaking the bank.


Understand your business goals

Before you can identify which solution is best for your business, you firstly need to understand what you want to achieve in the process. The size and overall goal of your business will directly influence which software you should be using.

You might need to ask yourself a few questions to get a head start:

  • Do you have a lot of engineers to manage?
  • Are you looking for an efficient way to allow your customers to track job status and reports?
  • Will the software need to be compatible with your engineers’ tablets?

Collate the answers to the questions and to create a plan for your business to follow when approaching job management solutions.


Try the trials & demos

Plenty of software companies offer a free demo so you can get some hands-on experience before making the decision to purchase. This allows you to see first-hand if this has the capabilities and tools required to help you reach your own business goals.

If you feel out of your comfort zone at this stage, an account manager can help guide you through the basics with a live, online demo at a time that best suits you.


Research online & offline solutions

Management software offers plenty of options, not just office desktop compatible solutions. Linking your main CRM with compatible mobile apps and web applications will enable your team to cohesively work together on jobs and share documents, equipment and clients when out of the office.

But, which option is right for you?

Online applications such as Clik Remote allows your engineers, sales team and even your customers to see the progress of ongoing jobs. These solutions will be accessible across a number of tablets, smartphones and laptop devices, making it super easy to check bespoke reports and keep an eye on the diary, wherever you are.

Offline apps such as Clik Jobs also have their benefits. Downloading the software straight onto your smartphone or tablet allows you easy access. Even when in remote locations without a stable internet connection.


Speak directly to the sales team

Maybe the different products available seems a bit confusing to you at first? The sales team is incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the software options they offer, so its best to get in touch with them directly to fully understand how they could benefit your business.

Talking through your business goals at this stage will help pinpoint which programmes are best for you; avoiding the guessing game.

The team will also be able to show you the software in more detail and offer demonstrations tailored to your business.


Consider training options

Not everyone can be a software management pro from the get-go. Thankfully, there are usually training options available that will suit your way of learning. From online time with an experienced trainer to a day onsite in your workplace. There are plenty of ways that you and your team can get up to speed with your potential new investment.

Be sure to also consider possible knowledge base articles, video tutorials and FAQs. These online resources can become convenient tools for you to refer to when you need them – even outside business hours.


Check out their available integrations

Maybe you already use Xero accounting software on a daily basis in your business so it would be incredibly convenient for you if the new software you wish to invest in also links up with Xero.

Luckily, plenty of job management options come packed with various integrations to link up your business and give you all the information you need to keep on top of jobs.


Clik offers plenty of options when it comes to service management software. If you are looking for a tailored package that will suit your business, why not speak to a member of our sales team today on 0117 902 2012.

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