Clik Jobs vs Clik Remote


Job management software can come in many forms, appealing to a range of businesses.

Both offline and online solutions have benefits, so how do you know which is more suited to you and your business?

We’ll give you a quick run-down of three primary benefits of our job management app Clik Jobs and remote web-based application Clik Remote so you can get a better understanding of which will work for you.


Clik Jobs


Clik Jobs is a simple app for engineers to receive work, enter their job details and send back to the office. The layout is clear and easy to navigate, with main job information like site addresses and work to be done on the front screen, and then a side section to enter their work notes, times, signatures, photos etc. Because of this simple setup, your engineers will be able to quickly get to grips with the functionalities, so the time involved in moving to a paperless job system is reduced. It also encourages them to use it in the first place, rather than learning a complicated program.


Offline capability

If you work in areas with patchy or no internet signal, Clik Jobs is essential. The jobs are downloaded to your device, so you don’t need a live internet connection when onsite. This is a key advantage to any web-based software where if the internet cuts out, you can’t use it.


Mandatory fields

You can ensure an engineer fills out certain fields before they can complete jobs. This could be a customer’s signature, the time they were on site, a tick list/risk assessment form, a photo or just ensuring they complete the work done field. This means you can make sure the job sheet is sufficiently completed and ready to be invoiced, therefore improving cash flow. This handy feature is also available in Clik Remote.


Clik Remote


Clik Remote offers greater functionality than the simpler Clik Jobs app, with more features. You can view site history and documents, engineer’s timesheets, raise new jobs for new customers and access reporting. It contains most features of the main software whilst out of the office, and even some new ones that aren’t; including the unique dashboard and the ability to see nearby/unassigned jobs on a map.

clik remote software, maps


Real-time access

Clik Remote user can see updates in real-time to improve visibility for your workforce. When new jobs are created for an engineer or when engineers complete or make changes to them, they are instantly visible to the office and customers.



Clik Remote offers a powerful dashboard front interface. Here, you can see a customised overview of what’s going on, in one place, wherever you are. Your customers can also see a version of this screen to see what work you’re doing for them. So instead of calling you, they can just log in. This reduces admin time and increases both efficiency and customer service.


Both products also have the added asset of helping your business take a paperless approach to job management. Going paperless has its own list of benefits can be achieved by implementing an effective service management system.

Still unsure which job management software solution will best benefit your business? Or just want further information about the differences between Clik Jobs and Clik Remote? Get in touch with our team to get your free live demo of the software today.



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