Introducing User Help Features To NICEIC Cert Software


Following the release of the new NICEIC Cert Software earlier in 2019, we have been continuing to develop even more helpful features based on the feedback we receive from users.

User Help Features

The latest update, released in November, introduces a few new changes that will improve the overall usability for users. It also provides easy assistance for those who may be new to the software. Embracing these shortcuts is a great way to learn more about the software.

Update v1.0.44 introduces a handy new feature into the desktop and Field Mode software that will allow you to quickly find articles and step-by-step guides relevant to the page or tab you are currently viewing. This will allow new users to find out how to create new users, set up signatures and more.

When on the latest update, you can quickly access these help topics by navigating to the ‘?’ in the top right corner of the screen or by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

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We have introduced some new ways to install the software; for servers, client machines and Field Mode. The simple step-by-step process will enable users to ensure the software is installed correctly. End-users will have access to the version they require.

If you are unsure which installers you might need or have any questions about the new update, please get in touch.

You can find the full details of the update on our support site.

Still To Come

We also have plans for Clik Cert Electrical; the compatible app which allows you to take your certs with you out in the field. Our developers are looking into adding a section within the apps to display the certs that have been uploaded from the device. This highly requested feature could allow users to open the cert in a read-only format. Engineers will also be able to create a copy or template from the cert.


Currently, certs are removed from your cert list when any field user uploads them. However, this does not remove them from the device itself. They are just hidden in order to avoid duplication of data. It also helps avoid confusion on which certs have been sent to the office and which have not. Despite being dismissed from the cert list, these certs will still remain on the device database.

If an error does occur and the certs do not appear on the office database after performing a sync at both ends, the data is still retrievable as long as the user remains logged in on the device.

If you do experience any unexpected issues with this process, please ensure someone calls us as quickly as possible. So we can rectify the situation for you promptly. With your field user still logged in, we can retrieve a backup of the database. This will ensure any missing certs from the sync are quickly re-entered into your office database.

Further details regarding this update for Clik Cert Electrical will follow when development has been completed. We already have this feature available to our Android Beta testers so if you’re interested in joining this Beta list, please get in touch.

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