Improve Customer Communication With Job Management Software

improve customer communication

You may already be aware of the benefits of service management software for your managing your team. But did you know it could also improve your communication with your customers?

Make sure your customers get the updates they need instantly when they need them.


What Is Field Management Software?

In short, field management software can be used to track and manage jobs remotely. A login for your customers allows your clients to see their ongoing work from their own home or office. From their dashboard, they can also create service incidents and potentially accept and reject new quotes. These software features help you stay connected to your customers.

So now we know what remote software is, how can it help improve customer communication? Here are some key benefits.


4 Benefits of Remote Management Software For Your Customers

Check Stats At A Glance

The dashboard provides a clear overview of the customer’s new and ongoing work. Graphs and charts can be added to visually show important stats such as outstanding jobs and new quotes. These can be completely customisable and monitored from your own office program. A live connection to your database means that your customers can check the real-time progress in one glance.

Why is this so useful? Having an interactable view of new quotes, for example, gives the customer direct access to quickly accept or reject a new quote when it is raised. No more missed phone calls or lost documents.



Accept Quotes Instantly

Thanks to the previously mentioned dashboard, customers will be able to see in real-time when a new quote is raised for them to follow up. They can then accept or reject this quote in their own time.

From your main database, you can set up pop-ups or notifications to appear once a quote has been actioned. This makes the process of accepting quotes even quicker. Improving this process means you can get the work moving and keep your engineers busy.


See The Details They Need

Using permissions, you can control exactly what you want your customers to see and interact with when they log onto their dashboard. Permissions are incredibly useful for any software. You can adjust what every user can (or can’t) see, ensuring they have what they need when they log on.

In the instance of your customers, perhaps you want to provide a login so they can watch the progress of their jobs. You want them to see relevant reports, but you don’t want them to be able to edit any sites or create new sites. You can select which modules particular users can view on their dashboard with just a few clicks. Specific fields of a job sheet can also be visible if you wanted to make it easier for customers to stay in the loop with their jobs.


Raise Incidents Directly

A customer can raise an incident with you directly through their web-based program. Enter the details of the fault or the requirements, without the need of a long phone call or lengthy email. Your team can then review their incident, create a job sheet and assign an engineer.

Not only does this speed up the process of logging customer incidents, but it also makes it even easier for your customers to get in touch with you if something goes wrong.


There’s so much more to job management software than meets the eye. Get your free demo and see how it can improve your current workflow and connect your team.

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