Importance of Backing Up Your Data

importance of backing up data

Backing up your data may not be your first thought when setting up your new software package. But it is incredibly important when you have lots of client details and jobs stored.

Let’s have a look at the importance of software data backup. And why you should be creating backups for your service management program or electrical certificate software.


What Is Data Backup?

Creating a data backup creates a copy of all the data you have on your system and stores it in a safe place. In terms of programs such as service management software, it can back up your jobs and customer details.


Why Is It Important To Back Up Your Data?

Accidents happen; we may not be able to prevent them completely but can prepare and protect our data in case of an emergency. If something does go wrong or, you will have a recent version of your data ready. Backing up regularly also means that if you do need to restore, you won’t be reusing data from months or even years ago.


What Backup Options Does Clik Software Have?

Luckily, our software contains handy features to give you peace of mind that your data is safe if an accident does occur.

Taking advantage of these features will ensure your data is well protected from the unlikely event of a virus infection, computer crash, theft, hard drive failure or physical damage.


Clik Service

Many may already be aware of the options Clik Service provides to help back up your data. The software contains automated features that will save the entire database onto one folder every day by default. Simply activate these features in your settings.

You can select a server location, run a local backup and change the regularity of your backup by viewing your ‘Backup Settings’ under the Clik Service ‘Settings’ header. As an extra precaution, we recommend you ask your IT to back up the SQL files as well.


NICEIC Cert Software

The NICEIC Cert Software follows in the footsteps of Clik Service with its own auto-backup feature. Which allows you to keep your certificates safe from harm.

This will sync your data to the desired location every time you log into your software. So, you can have peace of mind, without having to manually perform a backup every day.


This post was first published in September 2018 and has been edited with updated information.

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