The Importance Of A Good Password

The Importance Of A Good Password

Passwords. Boring eh? This may be the dullest blog post you’ve ever read, but it could save you a lot of problems.

Still, to this day people will use their cat’s name, ‘password’, place of birth, any word in the dictionary and the ‘123456’ and use this for all their accounts, even for Clik Service.

These days hackers can decrypt the above examples within seconds with the correct tools so you need to make it harder for them. Ultimately, any standard password can be broken but if you make the password more complicated then it makes it a lot harder to crack. Hacks can come in all shapes and sizes, for example, it could be a disgruntled employee wanting to steal data they don’t have access to or an external source.

Now, I hear you say, what makes a good password? Well, I have some answers.

  1. Make sure it’s at least 8 digits long
  2. Use a mixture of upper case and lower case
  3. Use numbers
  4. Have something that’s easy for you to remember
  5. Use special characters like the £ sign

What you also need to consider is trying to keep a standard password but modifying it for different accounts. For example, my standard password could be cL£k2014, however, I’m going to create a rule that allows me to change it for each account I have. I will put at the end of my password the 1st and 3rd letter of the web address I’m going to. e.g if it was Facebook I would modify my password to cL£k2014fc. The ‘f’ is the 1st letter and the ‘c’ being the 3rd.

It is essential in a business that you give your database a strong password. If you need to change your Clik Service admin password then please read this support article.

Article was written by Phil Banting.

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