How & Why To Use Digital Signatures With NICIEC Cert Software

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Whether you’re a small or large business, combining electronic signatures with your NICEIC Cert Software will turn the historic hassle of manually signing certificates into a streamlined, paperless, customer-focused, user experience.

That will have you completing more work and getting paid quicker left, right and centre.

We all know and understand the reasoning of certifying your electrical work and digital signatures is a show-stopping addition to NICEIC Cert Software and Clik Cert Electrical.

When you use your NICEIC Cert Software with digital signatures, one of the most common pain points of completing your electrical certificates becomes, well, electric. Once you have set up the functionality of digital signatures on the desktop software, it’s easy to apply the electrician’s signature. Then email the certificate directly to your customer for speedier payment. You can also get engineers and/or your designer’s signatures onsite with Clik Cert Electrical on your iOS or Android device. You can then finish up that job and move on to the next.

If you are using templates within your NICEIC Cert Software, this will save you even more time. Add in your results for the test and circuit details with a new certificate number. Embed legally-binding e-signatures within your certificates. Your NICEIC cert is done.

Electronic signatures bring the historically manual action of signing electrical test certificates into the digital age. Your electricians will be able to securely sign certificates from a mobile device, anywhere in the world. Without needing access to a printer (or even a pen for that matter) in order to sign, seal, and deliver your work. What’s more, you and your customers are provided with an electronic certificate. With the option to email your NICEIC certificates as PDFs.

The benefit of this nearly instant transaction is self-evident. Would you rather send an error-free document that can be completed onsite while your customer is drinking a cup of tea or an envelope that costs 70p by post and could take a week to arrive?

When you’re embedding digital signatures within your certificates, your certs are electronic, too. You can create and edit your electronic certs in half the time.

As opposed to electronic docs, the old way of completing NICEIC electrical test certificates limit where and how their signers can complete them. Requiring extra steps like manual editing and postage. Not only is this a headache for your customer, but you as the electrician are leaving your certificate accuracy to chance by manually inputting customer information that, if left incorrect, can postpone payment and completion of your job further.

Save hours of creation time once you have the ability to generate and edit your electrical certificates. Directly within your NICEIC Cert Software. Effortlessly send completed NICEIC certificates to the Qualifying Supervisor for an electronic signature. Your customers receive a professional, branded, electronic, NICEIC certificate, right to their inbox.

Cloud Numbering is coming soon– see here for more.

Haven’t tried NICEIC Cert Software yet? Download a demo to see how it can help your business.

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