4 Ways To Use Clik Remote Dashboard

4 Ways To Use Clik Remote Dashboard

Multiple departments can benefit from implementing a visual representation of your business reports. How you choose to use the dashboard is up to you.

Whether you need a constant overview of finances in the office or a way to keep track of underperforming targets, you can craft the dashboard to suit your business structure.

Here are some examples of how you could implement Clik Remote Dashboard into your business.


Job Management

Choosing the reports for your dashboard can be an important consideration, depending on what you want to track. Keeping an eye on jobs can be particularly important for a manager or supervisor. Maybe you already use Clik Service to assign engineers but would like a more visual overview of what is going on.

Track the number of unassigned jobs you have to ensure nothing slips through the cracks or gets missed. See how many jobs have been completed today and how much work your team has scheduled for the week in just one glance.

clik remote dashboard, job management

With Clik Remote Dashboard, you can set up thresholds for your widgets to help manage your job information. So, if you need a hand keeping on top of your SLAs, setting up a threshold for this report can help.

Once in place, the dashboard widget will change colour if the number of jobs past their SLA trigger is above a certain value. For example, if the number of outstanding jobs past their SLA trigger is over 10, the counter turns red. Bringing this to attention will help you act early and get back on track.



Your sales team leaders and finance department need to be kept in the loop with accounting details. So why not include the important metrics and display the dashboard in the office for your team.

Jobs completed but not invoiced? Invoices unpaid? How can your team keep on top of all finances when searching through paperwork and handwritten documents?

The dashboard can highlight any missing values so the team can quickly follow up with the customer to keep the sales process running smoothly. It streamlines every process, makes your system entirely paperless and makes it easier for you to pick up on important details.

clik remote dashboard, finance


Business Overview

For the business director, a full overview of all elements of the business is important. You might not have time to check in with every engineer and look over every invoice.

Having a dashboard displayed on a screen in your office will give you all the stats you need without unnecessarily long meetings with each department. Combine as many areas as you need, including invoicing, job status, quotes and more.

Make it easy to manage your business without additional stress.

clik remote dashboard, business overview


Target Performance

Every business owner or manager knows how important targets are to measure performance. Whether that is financial benchmarks or job completion goals, tracking and taking action can be the difference between meeting and missing those targets.

Setting up a dashboard with thresholds for monthly or weekly targets can highlight areas that need more attention. Set up the dashboard for everyone in the office to easily view during the day to keep up with those targets, action any outstanding SLAs and invoice your customers.

clik remote dashboard, targets

It’s not just underperformance that could benefit from applying and actioning thresholds. Celebrate your achievements by setting thresholds to change colour when the total is above your target value. Maybe you want to see if you can exceed a previous invoice record. Select the field, the target amount, and watch all the hard work pay off.


The flexibility of Clik Remote Dashboard means that you can adapt the widgets and graphs to suit your business. Track what is important and follow up when needed so you never miss a target.

Perhaps one of the scenarios mentioned above relates to your business. Or why not combine a few and create your own ultimate dashboard. Get in touch to find out more.


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