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You’re working to a tight schedule, and you have four more jobs to get to today after this one. Sound familiar?

Maintaining the refrigerant containers on a customer’s site is one thing, but you also need to record where the new refrigerants systems are being installed and where the old ones are going. You want to do f-gas right, but you also want to do it quickly so you can move onto the next job.


Managing F-Gas In The Office

Clik Service has had an f-gas module for a long time. The features allow users to see all f-gas logs, systems and control cylinders. It helps manage installations and services for any refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment.

This is great when working in the office, but we know that sending log recordings back and forth between the office and site can take a long time.


Managing F-Gas Onsite

The solution to recording f-gas when onsite? Remote management software.

Clik Remote is web-based, service management software. It gives you, your customers and workforce access to view their jobs and relevant details when on-the-go.

With Clik Remote, you can also track and manage your f-gases.

It gives your engineers the ability to record the movement of all f-gases while the engineer is onsite. You can even give your customers access so they can view logs and reports for their sites.

Managers using Clik Remote can oversee every f-gas movement and add new systems, cylinders and consignment notes. The module also allows you to record leak tests and cylinder refills to ensure your records are logged and up-to-date.

Logging f-gases can take time, but the f-gas module for Clik Remote gives you access to excellent features that let you log and track f-gases quickly. With Clik Remote, you have an efficient, effective and all-encompassing way to record your f-gas requirements.


F-Gas Management For Customers

It’s not just engineers and managers that can benefit from the F-gas module in Clik Remote. With the customer licence, your clients can also log in and view any relevant f-gases from anywhere.

Customers can and see the f-gas history for their jobs, as well as system sites and all their f-gas logs in one place. From a system, they can see linked jobs, equipment, documents and more, to save time looking for the information they need.

From your central database, you can also control which users can access different areas within the f-gas module. So if you need certain customers to view their systems and log entries, you can allow or deny that with user privileges.


Want to see more about what each login can access in the f-gas module? We held a webinar introducing the f-gas features; our trainer talks you through the basics and how you can utilise them.


See what was added to Clik Remote in update v6.1.10 over on our support site.

If you are not currently using Clik Remote but are interested in seeing what the f-gas module has to offer, get in touch with our team for a live demo.



This post was first published in January 2020 and has been edited with updated information.

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