The New NICEIC Cert Software


The new NICEIC Cert Software was launched at the beginning of January 2019. After months of testing, the desktop program and accompanying Android & iOS apps are available to all.

We’ve got all the info you need to get started with NICEIC Cert Software. As well as where to find all the best support.


How To Get Started With The New NICEIC Cert Software

Current NICEIC Cert Software users

If you have up-to-date Clik Cover, you will be able to receive the new software for free. This will be a separate installation from the current software you already have. Making it easy to refer back to your completed 17th edition certs when you need them.

Submit your request for the new software and someone from our tech team will then be able to email the installer over at the earliest convenience, along with step-by-step instructions to fulfil the installation successfully.

New to NICEIC Cert Software

If you have not yet started to use the NICEIC Cert software but would be interested in trying it out, we now have a free demo available for you to download and see if the product is right for you. You can find the pricing structure for the full software here.



What’s New?

With a brand-new look and improved user interface, the latest NICEIC upgrade will help you and your business complete 18th edition certs quickly and efficiently. Our development team will be continuing to further improve the software to reduce bugs and address feedback from users.

We have also released the Clik Cert Electrical apps on iOS and Android, which enables your team to take their work with them on-the-road. Fill out cert details and quickly send them back to the main desktop software in the office, ready for completion.

These work on compatible smartphones and tablets and share the same list of certs as the desktop version. You can see a regularly updated list of certs available on the software here.clik-niceic-certification-software-app-tablet-menu

We’ve got various videos and helpful articles over on our support site to help you get up-to-speed with the new software. New articles will be added over the coming weeks; make sure to keep checking back for even more tips and tricks.

We also have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, covering everything from set-up queries to general enquiries.

Have a look at NICEIC Cert Software’s new product page and see the full list of features and requirements.

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