5 Ways To Save Time Completing Gas Safety Certificates

5 ways to save time completing gas safety certificates

It can sometimes feel like we never have enough time. When it comes to paperwork, it can feel never-ending.

Certificates can be the same. Paper certs are easily lost, easily damaged and sometimes illegible. Moving those certs into a digital system has a multitude of benefits.

Our brand-new certification software, Clik Cert can help you manage your gas safety certificates, as well as your customers. Have a look at these top features in the new software and apps to save you time.


Save Time Completing Certs

The main event of Clik Cert – the certificates. They shouldn’t take you a long time to complete. After a long journey to the site, the last thing your engineers want to do is paperwork. Clik Cert makes the certification process simple, so paperwork doesn’t have to be the villain.

When onsite, certs can be filled in using your phone or tablet. Select the company from your address book, tap in the inspection details and you’re almost all done.

Your engineers can also go ahead and mark the cert as complete, without having to send it back to the office to be signed off. Skipping unnecessary processes to ensure certs are completed on time and your customers are happy.

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Save Time Sending Certs To Customers

No one likes waiting. We know that fast service can leave customers happy. That’s why Clik Cert makes it even easier to get your clients what they want, fast.

No need for your customers to wait an hour or overnight for their copy of the completed certificate. You’ve marked the cert as complete and now you can save it as a PDF. Then just email it right there and then from the app on your device.

That’s another cert completed and sent within just a few taps. The job is done, your customer is happy, and you get to go home on time.


Save Time Searching For What You Need

The new simplified layout of Clik Cert makes it easier to navigate and find what you need. List your customers in the address book, manage engineers in the staff screen and see your reminders all in one place.

The software also comes with all the certificates you need pre-built into the software. So, no need to search through external sites. You’ll be able to start filling in the inspection details of your landlord gas safety certificate in just a couple of clicks.

We know the job of an engineer can mean different work each day. The office software and apps have a wide variety of certificates, so you have what you need, no matter what job you have ahead.

So, whether you need a domestic certificate for gas testing or a non-domestic for a risk assessment, you can find the e-cert you need for gas safety inspections.


Save Time Creating New Certs

Filling in certificate fields can sometimes feel repetitive. Repetition doesn’t need to become monotonous. Moving to a paperless system gives you the tools to speed up every process. There are ways to make sure you don’t waste time manually entering the same details over and over again.

Templates are everywhere to make life a little easier. We’ve got them in Clik Service and NICEIC Cert Software, and Clik Cert is no different. If you’re carrying out multiple landlord gas safety certificates for the same property owner, templates could help. Enter the details once, give the template a distinctive name and create unlimited certificates whilst skipping the monotonous repetition.


Save Time Managing Clients

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are not just for large businesses. They’re essential for big, small and everything in between. An effective CRM can be a massive advantage for growing businesses.

It’s not just the choice of CRM that is important, it’s the way you use it that ensures you get the most out of the database.

When filling out your certificates, you can quickly add the correct client and select the associated site from your address book. Carry out many jobs for one client or landlord? Your engineers won’t need to fill out the address time and time again. A couple of clicks or taps and they’re one step closer to finishing the job.

The Clik Cert address book keeps your customers and suppliers all in one location. It makes it easy to add relevant notes or documents, so you don’t need to search through stacks of paperwork.

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Utilising these features will streamline the certification process and make paperwork painless. Interested in experiencing these features for yourself? Try out Clik Cert for free and take the stress out of certification.

We’ve got lots more planned for Clik Cert, so keep an eye out for much more to come.

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