Furlough In Clik Service & Clik Remote


With such uncertain times ahead, many businesses are adapting to new forms of working. Whether it involves working from home or, in some circumstances, asking staff to take a temporary period of leave.

Due to current circumstances involving Coronavirus (COVID-19), many employees may be making the difficult decision to put employees on furlough for a period of time.

We have added new functionalities to ensure you are able to continue working if necessary. And help manage staff members that are on furlough. These features can be found in both Clik Service and Clik Remote.

Please see the Government website for further details on the furlough scheme, what it entails and how to apply.


Clik Service

We understand that this is the chosen approach for many businesses. So we have made some updates to both Clik Service and Clik Remote to help manage these changes to staff leave.

In Clik Service, you can adjust staff settings to add a period of leave for users. Whether you are working remotely or on emergency work, ensure you and your staff are aware of any unprecedented changes to working situations and can easily see who is on leave and when they are due to return.

We’ve added a new diary option to easily turn the furlough settings on or off when required. The engineer schedule will also display the appropriate message for engineers on furlough.

These features were added in update v4.330 r24, which can now be downloaded by all users with Clik Cover.


Clik Remote

The Clik Remote Manager diary also has the capabilities to display staff furlough status, including the duration of the leave. If you have set up the furlough, you will be able to quickly adjust the item view settings to display these in the diary.


The engineer schedule in Clik Remote Manager has also been updated to include the furlough for engineers.

To get these additional fields in Clik Remote Manager, you will need to be running Clik Service update v4.330 r24 and Clik Remote v6.1.14. If you are unsure of how to update your Clik Remote site, please refer to this guide.


Looking for some more advice on working remotely with Clik Service or NICEIC Cert Software? You can find out more in this blog post.

If you if have any suggestion for how we can help you manage furlough in our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

2 comments on “Furlough In Clik Service & Clik Remote

  1. HI, we have set our staff members to being furlough but this does not display within the diary on either clik service or clik remote.

    we are currently running version 4.2 330 r25

    1. Good morning Michael,

      Thank you for getting in touch.
      May I ask if you have you ticked the ‘Furlough’ box found under the Diary Items drop-down? Visual can be found at the end of this article: https://support.cliksoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007395138-Staff-Furlough-Settings-CS

      If this is still not displaying the furlough in the diary, please get in touch with our support team, who would be able to investigate this for you – you can email support@cliksoftware.com.

      Hope that helps


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