A Day In The Life Of A Finance Assistant

rachel chiddy

Our Finance Executive is Rachel Chiddy… here she talks through a typical day for her at Clik.

I’m a proud Bristolian, born and bred just south of the river. No traffic jams or commuting for me, it’s just a quick walk to work every morning.

I always have a coffee when I first get into the office to set me up, particularly important on Mondays, then I’m ready for the day ahead. As one of the first people in the office I help man the phones when we open at half eight – so odds on I’ve probably spoken to you if you’ve ever called in.

I’m in charge of the money at Clik. There isn’t a payment in or out that I don’t know about. It can be a balancing act keeping track of invoices and doing bank recs as well as processing our online payments and dealing with our company credit cards.

I joined Clik as an Office Junior in 2008 after studying Administration and Business Diploma. Then with Clik’s support, I did a Sage course at college, which progressed to Accounting Technician Level 1 and 2, and I’m starting Level 3 in September. Over the years, I’ve taken on more and more of the banking and finances until a few years ago when I took complete control of the company purse strings.

Clik’s changed a lot over the nine years I’ve been here. There was only seven of us when I started, so it was like a little family. Now there’s forty of us, and we’re spread across two offices over two floors of the Tobacco Factory.

At lunchtime, I tend to stay at my desk and browse the web while I eat last night’s leftovers. I have all sorts for lunch but it’s usually my mum’s cooking. I cooked a roast recently but I burnt myself, so I’ve given up on cooking for the moment while I nurse my wounds.

At the end of the day, there’s no pressure to stay late to impress the boss, which is great so I’m usually out the door at 5 pm on the dot to stroll home. Or catch a lift if it’s raining, then I can sing-a-long to my fav radio power ballads, or at the moment a bit of Drake, Passionfruit.

(Rachel, on the left, at Team Clik’s Christmas Party).

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