Job Management Is Going To Get Easier

A few months back now, we started working on a brand-new product for job management. Which will work with Clik Service. Clik Jobs will come in the form of Android and iOS apps.

Clik Jobs will be for creating, editing and completing job sheets. We’ve developed it in app form which will be handy for your field service engineers that are working where there is no internet connection.

Your engineers will be able to open Clik Jobs and see a list of their jobs on the screen. They’ll be able to go into each job, view the job details, what work is to be carried out, history of previous jobs and the customer details. Engineers will be able to create jobs from scratch. And sync the new jobs back to Clik Service in the office. They’ll also be able to grab the customer’s signature and even take a photo which will go onto the completed job sheet.

One pretty cool feature though is this: on the job sheet, in the ‘actual work done’ section, you will be able to talk into your device, telling it the work you’ve done. Then it will translate it into text for you, so you won’t have to type it all up!

In the future, we are also planning to add job rates, action lists, diary and CRM features into Clik Jobs.

We’re quite excited about it, let us know what you think in the comments box below.

(The screenshots are a mixture of iPhone and Android).

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22 comments on “Job Management Is Going To Get Easier

  1. This looks great, do you have a release date or prices for it yet? Can it be used stand-alone or with clik.


    1. Hi John

      No ETA at the moment, but I’ll keep you updated. Clik Jobs will be £100 per login, but that will also allow you to use Clik Remote as well. It will need to be used along with Clik Service.


  2. Looks very promising. Will make the link between Service and Jobs/Remote much more stable and reliable. Can’t wait to give this a try on the iPad.

  3. This looks so much better than click remote, especially for the field engineers. It sounds like it will make life so much easier for the engineers working out in the field.

    Can’t wait to give it a go!! Keep up the good work clik……..

  4. Looking forward to this. We’ve had Clik remote since July and haven’t used it as it has too many flaws IMO.

    This app should allow us to use Clik Service as it was intentionally bought for.

    1. Hi Simon

      That’s great news, Clik Jobs shouldn’t be too much longer, sorry to hear you’ve had problems with Clik Remote, I’ll ask your account manager to give you a call to see if there is anything we can help you out with.



  5. Hi Adrian,

    No ETA as yet, but we’re very nearly there. Just finishing a few bits of, then we need to test it. Will keep you updated.


    1. Hi Jamie,

      Yes, there will be a customer signature capture on the app. The customer will be able to sign the screen of your device with their finger, the signature will then attach to the job sheet!


    1. Hi James

      Ooh, I’ve just been asking around and we don’t think it will in the first release, but that’s a good idea so I’ve just asked the developers to look at adding that!


    2. Hi James,

      Our Android developer is going to look into the widget for you, he would like to know what sort of info you’d like to see on it?


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