The Latest Clik Remote Features


There are new updates for Clik Service and Clik Remote that we are excited to share with you.

The latest software amends (v4.325 R29) introduce additional ways for you and your customers to keep track of jobs and improve workflow within our field management solution.

Here is some info about the three new features we have added.


Accept & Reject Quotes

You can now give your customers the option to respond to their quotes and provide follow-up notes. Within the Customer login, they can look through pending quotes and either accept or reject them.

Set up Clik Service notifications to make sure you are made aware when the status of a quote changes so you can ensure the customer quickly receives an updated quote for them to revaluate.

These updates will provide extra visibility for your customers and improve communication.


This feature is accessible within the Customer login.


Force Task Completion

Managers can set specific tasks for engineers to carry out before they can set a job sheet as complete.

Tasks can include adding work notes, completing an action list, adding a customer’s signature and more. After setting these up, the engineer will receive a notification when there are still tasks that need to be finished before they can complete that job.

This will improve the overall quality of your job sheets and help ensure the correct information is captured every time.

Force tasks can be set up in the Manager login. Notifications will appear for Engineer users.


Customer Diary

Customers can now access their own diary module within their Clik Remote logins. From here, they will be able to see all their upcoming jobs on an easy-to-read calendar and quickly find the job details they need.

This feature will give your customers better knowledge of their work and improve relationships with clients.


The diary module can now be found within the Customer login.


Make sure to update Clik Service to give you and your customers access to the new features. See the full version details here.

Not tried Clik Remote before? Have a look at the revised comparison sheet to see which modules are available in each user login. Get your free demo today.


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