FAQs About The New NICEIC Cert Software


We asked you, and you gave us your questions. We’ve addressed some frequently asked questions about the new NICEIC Cert Software.

We have even more questions and answers over on our support site FAQ, covering everything from certificate queries to setting up enquiries.


When is it out/do you have a release date?

The new software is available now!

Get in touch, if you are a current customer looking to upgrade. Or have a look at our free demo if you wish to test it out.


Will this be an update to the current version or a new installation?

This will be a new installation as it is a brand-new program.


Will we have access to old certs/what will happen to unused e-cert numbers?

No, you will not have access to old certs. As the new software is a separate program, it will only have the 18th edition electrical certs and above. If you want/need to access old certs, we advise you to keep the old system. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to carry unused e-cert numbers to the new system.

It may be best to speak to the NICEIC directly regarding unused e-certs.


Will customer accounts, templates, app logins, signatures and logos come across automatically or will this have to be done manually?

We have implemented a tool which will convert the following:

  • Address Book
  • Test instruments
  • Distribution Board Library – including all boards on templates
  • Reminders
  • Signatures, along with some other information, which will come across and form the beginning of your user base

Is there a cost/do I have to pay for it?

The new NICEIC Cert Software is included with your Clik Cover renewal, therefore making the new upgrade free if you have valid cover. If you have any queries regarding your renewal date, please contact your account manager.


Will the licensing remain the same?

Yes, the licensing will remain the same. The NICEIC Cert Software licensing is concurrent, meaning you can install it across as many desktops as you wish. However, only one copy for each licence purchased can be in use at any one time.

We are also introducing ‘Field Licences‘ which will allow the software to be installed on a tablet/smartphone (with Clik Cert Electrical apps) or laptop (using Field Mode).

More information about the licencing costs can be found here.


Are you going to be using the latest maximum Zs calculations?

The new software will use the up-to-date maximum Zs values.


Is it going to include auto backup?

Yes, there is an auto backup feature in the new software.


Is there a version of the cable calculation programme?

No, there won’t be a version of Cable Calc in the first release of the new software. It is something we aim to add in the future, along with other new features.


Will you be releasing a software version for use on an iMac?

Unfortunately, no, the NICEIC software isn’t supported on Mac OS, only Windows. We have found there isn’t a high enough demand to warrant the large investment this would require. We do have some customers successfully using our products on a Mac and there are some potential solutions for running Windows on Mac OS that you could use, the most popular being:

  • Dual-boot between Mac OS and Windows by purchasing a copy of Microsoft Windows and using Apple’s Boot Camp
  • To run Windows in a virtual machine within Mac OS by purchasing products such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Please note, the Clik Support Team would not be able to support setting these up for you. However, you can speak to your local IT support or Apple support to get more advice on getting this to work for you.


Do I have to buy more certs?

Yes, you’ll need to buy the 18th edition certs, which will be available for purchase in the usual way on the NICEIC website or on the phone to their sales team once you are set up on the new system.


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8 comments on “FAQs About The New NICEIC Cert Software

  1. Look forward to this as the old interface is feeling tired and a bit clunky. Real shame that we have to run two programs to view old certs. Really disappointed in that! Surely they could be viewed or re printed through the new software?

    1. Hi Simon

      Glad to hear you are looking forward to using the new software!

      Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring across old cert data in time for release, but this is something we want to look at resolving in the future. It may, however, have to take a back seat for more important updates and upgrades in the short term. Nevertheless, it is still something that is on our radar and we will be providing updates when this happens.


  2. finding the software very ‘buggy’ and very different to the previous. slowed down input time vastly at present.

    Cant seem to edit my certs either?

    1. Hello Steve,

      Unfortunately, we had to change the edit process due to security and validation concerns.
      If you would like more information surrounding this, I can get your account manager to get in touch, or you can call us directly on 0117 902 2012.

      Thanks – Jess

  3. Can you link pictures to the defects
    This would be amazing if you could click on the defect and the software automatically lets you take a picture and addits it to the back of the report, detailing which defect number.

    1. Hello Steve,

      Thank you for your comment, I will pass your feedback on to our development team.
      The ability to add pictures/photos is something we looking to add next year. Unfortunately, we cannot specify a date but please be on the lookout for any updates through our newsletters and blog posts, as we’ll endeavour to keep our customers in the loop regarding development progress.

      If you do have any further suggestions for future updates, you can email them over to hello@cliksoftware.com.

      Thanks – Jess

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