Emergency Lighting Certs In NICEIC Cert Software

emergency lighting certificates

You can now get Emergency Lighting Certs in the NICEIC Cert Software.

Our developers have been working hard to perfect the e-cert versions of the NICEIC’s Emergency Lighting Certs:-

  • ECN5 – Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate
  • ECM5 – Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate
  • EPM5 – Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection and Testing Certificate

In our latest NICEIC Cert Software update, we’ve added these three Emergency Lighting Certs for you to certify the completion of an emergency lighting installation or inspection.

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2 comments on “Emergency Lighting Certs In NICEIC Cert Software

  1. Hi Guys

    Glad too see the new software, only one observation. Why is it displayed on a MAC when Clik do not support the NIC software on IOS?

    1. Hi Mark – thanks! Ah, it’s a stock image and we’ve overlaid the software onto the screen, sounds daft, but it’s actually really hard to find a stock image which isn’t a mac (they look prettier I spose).

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