How Embracing Technology Can Improve Your Business

How Technology Can Improve Business - Clik Software

Congratulations! You’re already embracing technology by visiting a blog about job management software.

There’s always room for improvement though. These tips have helped our business, so we thought we’d share them with you.


Communicate Better With Productivity Apps

Using productivity apps can help you keep projects on track and customers happy. Slack and Basecamp can be synced with your desktop PCs. These apps encourage collaboration and enable us to communicate more effectively. They’re also fun to use. We love sharing GIFs in our #random Slack channel.


Back Up Your Data

Pesky viruses, hard drive failure and theft are nightmare scenarios. The good news is backing up your data can at least downgrade them to bad dream status. Having copies of your most important data keeps it safe in case anything goes wrong.


Go Paperless

According to The Telegraph, 70% of UK businesses still rely on physical paperwork. You can save time, hassle and ultimately money by turning to paperless job management. Find out how we help Manning’s Facilities Management maintain their green credentials and reduce their carbon footprint by using Clik Service.


Step Away From The Tech

This may sound odd coming from a tech company, but be sure to switch off sometimes! Unplugging once in a while will give you time to refresh and refocus on your next project. We’re big believers in lunchtime strolls and leaving work on time.


Use Job Management Software

Having lots of customers is great! But managing every job with the same level of care is a challenge. We’ve got your back. Using job management software like Clik Service will keep everyone happy. It will improve communication with your customers and workforce, saving you time and money. Read what some of our customers think about Clik’s job management software.


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