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If you’re registered with the NICEIC, you most likely already understand how important the certification process is in daily life for contractors.

To understand the importance, we first need to know what electrical certificates are and what they are used for.


What Are Electrical Certificates & Why Are They Important?

There are many different types of electrical certificates, required for different areas of work. Whatever the job is, an electrical certificate or report will confirm the results of any tests carried out on electrical appliances. You will also be able to supply the customer with proof an installation is safe and meets safety standards.

When carrying out electrical work, contractors are encouraged to keep copies of reports and certificates required for the work. You can take note of important fields such as inspection details and test results. Whether it is a big domestic installation or a smaller routine check, keeping the correct electrical certificate can help schedule any future inspections and certifies that your work complies with the relevant safety regulations.

Electronic certificates, or e-certs, are particularly beneficial in the technology-driven age we live in. Not only are they important for your records, but electronic certs are also useful because they:

  • Can include your company logo for brand association
  • Have clear layouts with the appropriate fields you need
  • Can be easily emailed or printed for your customer
  • Are professional in appearance – no more indecipherable scribbles
  • Provide reassurance to your customer, building trust with your loyal clients


Electrical Safety Standard Regulations

It is increasingly important to ensure you have the correct certificates you need at your disposal when responding to jobs. You may already be familiar with the regulations regarding electrical safety for rental properties that were introduced earlier in 2020. The new regulations mean landlords will be required to ensure all electrical installations are inspected and meet safety standards.

So, what does this mean for contractors?

You might see an increase in demand for this type of inspection. It is also a requirement to supply an electrical installation condition report to reflect the completed tests comply with safety standards.

If you want to find out more, read the Government guidance documents for the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 here.


Why NICEIC Cert Software?

Here at Clik, we know that paperwork can take up a lot of valuable time for businesses. It is important to establish an organised method to ensure all work is completed to a high standard, whilst saving time along the way.

For a growing business, it can be difficult to keep track of incoming work without the help of technology. But you may ask yourself: “why do I need certification software?

The reasons can be incredibly beneficial for electrical companies. You will no longer need to print out certificates and take them – and potentially tear or lose them – onsite with you, only to realise you forgot a pen.

Certificates are the central point of the NICEIC Cert Software. With over 50 e-certs available in the software, you can carry out a range of testing with ease. All these comply with the latest 18th edition wiring regulations, so you can perform the highest quality tests and complete the appropriate paperwork for the job.


You might need to complete a hazardous area report or a conditioning report for a private landlord carrying out an inspection for the electrical safety standard regulations. You can find the cert you need in the NICEIC Cert Software. And even fill out your work onsite with a field licence.

The NICEIC carries out assessments for a varied range of industry professionals, from electrical installers to fire and security businesses. Joining one of the NICEIC’s accredited schemes can hold a multitude of benefits for your business.

With so many certs waiting for you in NICEIC Cert Software, whichever NICEIC scheme applies to you, you will be able to find the right cert for the job; including installation certs for Domestic Installers, condition reports for Approved Contractors and free PAT certs.

Want to try certification software for yourself, but don’t know where to start? Test out the software for free today to get better organised with your electrical certification.

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