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  1. Just a quickie to tell you that I have been dealing with a young man called Callum and I would just like it to be known that he is a credit to your organisation:). He was friendly, polite,knowledgeable and efficient. My Compliments to Callum, you and your Company.

    KS Services

  2. We used to use Clik 3 and then we changed to a product called Cypher , however on seeing Clik 4 we changed straight back to Clik and they now have all the features we needed. The support is superb and first class and we would recommend the product to anyone.

  3. We have been using clik Gas & electrical software for the past 2 years, Clik’s brilliant easy to use and understand. Support from the technical team is fantastic.

  4. Just a little note to say we have been using Clik for over a year now, we are a small/medium maintenance company based in Essex. I would like to say without this software our business would never be as successful as we are. Once you get used to the system it deals with jobs with ease. I would highly recommend this software to anyone.

    The staff at Clik are all very helpful and the support is second to none.

    I have been dealing with Tom Groombridge who gives fantastic customer support and Tom Ford is a technical whizz!!!

    A big thank you to the team and all who have supported us this year.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
    Keep up the good work Lads and Ladette’s.

    From all the staff at BDM Ltd.

  5. We have been using CLIK 3 service and CLIK remote now for more than 4 years. It does an excellent job of keeping track of our products with 800 customers over 2000 sites. We have had no “down time” during the whole time we have been with CLIK and their product and customer service is first class and excellent value for money.

  6. Software updates

    Hello Folks,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for updating your .csv import software at my request. The addition of a currency field into the product import file has really changed the way that we work and has the potential to save us a lot of time and money in the future! Thanks again for your excellent support. Best regards, Jim

  7. Clik software has really changed the way we work and no for a fact that it has increased our revenue. Customers have used us over competitors because of the way the quotes where presented with the software. It really has taken the pressure of the office side of things which nobody likes and I have had more time to concentrate on new projects again winning one last week because of the way it was presented. Thanks #clikteam I would be lost without you now!

  8. I decided to move over to electronic certification and used the NICEIC certificate software from ‘clik’ found it easy software to install update and the tech guys are excellent. I have tried other companies software before and was always put put off by the complicated downloads and updates …should of used ‘clik’ first. …excellent

  9. Getting used to the software still have weird things happen sometimes like move row 10 to row 2 etc not sure how it happened LOL
    However certs are much easier to purchase and the final result looks proffesional

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your review! That’s odd about the rows moving though, I’ll mentioned that to the team.

  10. So far Phil and Tom have been really great in showing us here at Sleeptight Security how to use the software and good service.
    Thanks again

  11. Rob, you are great mate, ive tried for weeks, no hair left.

    you all are the best support we have ever had with any software from anybody, many, many thanks. Mark, HMS Electrical.

  12. CLIK CRM is the backbone of our ISO9001: 2008 laboratory supply & service business based in Dublin. CLIK allows us to efficiently record and produce service and sales data including Job Sheets, Invoices, Stock Control, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and much more. It’s economical and yet sophisticated with the ability to include our logo and customised footer on the documents Customers see. We’re very happy with CLIK.

  13. I love that CLIK continue to improve their product and take on board suggestions. In the short time we have been using CLIK we have seen improvements that have made life easier. Given that admin takes such a long time in our organisation anything that improves that process is very welcome. At a basic level, I can also amend my own reports and form layouts which is really useful too. My negative comments are that the basic reports and form layouts lack imagination. Personally I didn’t feel that any of the forms were cosmetically suitable and had to change them all before they could be used. Poor fonts and layouts. (and am still doing so which is a bit time consuming). The support team are excellent though, helpful, knowledgeable and speak in plain english not teccy speak. Our company has really grown this year and CLIK has helped us manage that transition. I’m looking forward to CLIKs future updates making it even easier to manage.

  14. Clik Service for Commercial heating service company

    We have been using Clik for just over three years now and its enabled us to take on more work and help the business grow. Any telephone calls are returned the same day and answered immediately if its an emergency. Theres continuous improvements on every release after taking onboard customer wishes via a wishlist.
    Extremely happy customer and have already recommended Clik to other businesses we know.

  15. Clik is an awesome product that allows us to track our workflow. As any new product you always have teething problems. But with the support team in place things were resolved swiftly. Great product great support team.

  16. We moved over to Clik just a couple of months ago and while it hasn’t always been easy we are now settling in. On using the product we have discovered that we would like certain features and have added them to the wishlist. Everyone has been fantastic in helping us through, nothing seems to be a bother . My only gripe is that sometimes it takes a while for a tech member to get back to us if we have a problem, that can be a bit frustrating. But a big plus for me is the “Chat” support as your query is responded to instantly and nine out of 10 times my problem has been solved. Keep up the good work 🙂

  17. Changed the way we work

    The software is so easy to navigate and you can capture so much information. We haven’t scratched the surface of what this program will do but it wonderful. We have had Clik Service for 8 months now and the visibility we have is very good. The added extras such as products and timesheets have made a difference and easy to record.
    They are contantly changing its features and making it better and better, well done Clik.

  18. So good so far. We have only started using Clik recently and are still trying to get to grips with the system. The team at Clik have been very helpful and have always been available to answer our questions,

  19. We have been using the CLIK software for a few months now, it was purchased initial to conduct a large electrical installation conditioning report, we thought the ipad option would be a great advantage to produce the reports on the contract, however the ipad version proved more time consuming for the size of the installation.
    However the ipad has come in very handy on smaller contracts.
    Completing test certificates has become less time consumer now we are using the CLIK software.
    The Tech support is exceptional as we had a few problems at the start, but these was soon cleared up.

  20. Ive been using Clik for 6-months and very impressed with the software and ease of use. Craig and Lizzie in support have helped with technical enquirers. Very professional service. Recommend to anyone.

  21. We started using Clik software around 6 months ago, we have found it to be a great asset to our Company, and it’s made organising our growing workload so much easier and efficient, we wouldn’t be without it now. Tom Groombridge has been a great support, we would recommend using Clik to anyone.

    Daniel Haley
    G W Power-Safe Ltd

  22. From paper clutter to elctronic files

    We have recently purchased the clik service software for our successful refrigeration service company Danston Ltd and the transition from a total paper system to a high end electronic file format has been an absolute life saver during our busy peaks and dealing with backlogs. The one source for filing, documenting, job allocation and consolidating the records has been excellent.
    We would recommend Clik to any perspective buyers and find it a real progression step forward for our company.
    Our only negative would be that clik allow a little more time for companies like us to move into the processing and utilisation of this excellent software with the support time offered with the software on purchase. As there is a lot of transition time taken moving from existing systems to a fully electronic system.

  23. We have been using clik for a few months now and after getting used to the new system we find it so easy to use the system saves a lot of time and paperwork especially with the clik jobs application. The staff at clik are always so helpful even if i called with the simplest problem Tom and Chris have especially helped us out.
    I would highly recommend clik to anyone.

  24. Clik provides our business with a system to support project operations and centralise data. The training has been great in showing us what we can do and how; along with support from the technical team in migrating information, and making changes to suit our needs. Still fairly new users of Clik, it looks to offer the business a fairly comprehensive system to support a busy team.

  25. Clik has been a dream for us after switching from ‘IBMS’, which was not providing us with the software we had in mind for remote engineers. David has been more than helpful and has made the process a breeze! We are still very new despite purchasing a few months back, however we are making sure that all information is migrated. In regards to the training, it has been second to none. Phil has always answered questions I’ve had even when I’ve had to go back over something, plus also the superb support facility, which not only CBAC but our IT Company has experience, with very quick answers and resolving issues. Very impressed and would highly recommend to anyone thinking to buy.

  26. have been using clik electrical software for a few years now and its improving all the time, user friendly, everything you need to produce professional certifcates, either the ipad & laptop the helpline always there to guide you through a problem which is very rare. Gary Brooks Masher Brothers ltd

  27. It would be really useful to have a section on the customer site tab that lets you put important information about the site. Opening times/Parking/contact etc. Is this something that can be looked into

  28. Green Electrical & Maintenance Services Ltd has been using Clik Software to raise our NICEIC Electrical certificates for many years now. This is a fast and efficient way to raise certs whilst saving administration time. The certs look professional and well presented as they are electronically raised. Personally i would be very difficult raising certificates any other way now and fully endorse this product.

  29. We have been using the Clik NICEIC pc based software since 2012 it has saved us allot of time, money and storage space as archiving is now done digitally. We have had a few problems with the database due to the size but with the help of the Clik technical helpline we were soon up and running again.

    Last year we purchased 10 licenses for the Ipad app. 6 months in and so far so good. The app has some good features and there is some good updates in the pipe line. It has saved time due to no need for certificates to be re-typed. The only down side is the download speeds from the cloud but this is currently being looked at by Clik. Two things we would like to see on the Ipad app would be-

    – When downloading certificates from the cloud the address is not available which would be handy if a customer wants a certificate rushed through.

    – The ability to down load all cloud certificates in one go rather then individually to save more office time.

    We have also recently purchased Clik service and Clik jobs which we are hoping is going to take us completely paperless for 2017. Clik jobs app is especially impressive with its simple to use layout, GPS tracking and the ability to fill in job sheets without internet connection. All these are things our last software developer was unable to deliver.

    1. Hi James

      Thanks for the lovely comment! Really pleased you’re getting on so well with the NICEIC software, I’ll pass the comments on the iPad apps to the developers and make sure you give us a shout if you need any help with Clik Service or Clik Jobs.


  30. We are fairly new users of Clik4 and have been really impressed so far. We decided to give Clik a go as we were struggling to stay on top of admin work with most of our time being spend out on site and organising jobs! We have found that this software definately helps to save on paperwork & we like that all the info you need is stored in one place. Easy Sage intergration also saves on office time. We still have a fair bit to learn but Ed Gunner and the support team have been more than helpful so far – thanks guys!

  31. We are fairly new users of Clik4 and have been really impressed so far. We decided to give Clik a go as we were struggling to stay on top of admin work with most of our time being spend out on site and organising jobs! We have found that this software definately helps to save on paperwork & we like that all the info you need is stored in one place. Easy Sage intergration also saves on office time. We still have a fair bit to learn but Ed Gunner and the support team have been more than helpful so far – thanks guys!

  32. DCI implemented both CLIK Service and CLIK NICEIC into our business during the course of 2016.
    There’s no looking back and no regrets.
    Both programs are already filled with features and are being constantly being developed, improved & updated.
    All feedback seems to be welcome as the people I’ve spoken to at CLIK have all been friendly, helpful and very focussed on the constant improvement of their Software.
    As a whole CLIK Software seem to have it nailed in terms of their programs, approach to business and dealing with Clients.

    As the Electrical Manager the CLIK NICEIC Program and Tablet Apps have made my life a lot easier.
    No more chasing Electricians for food-stained Paper Certificate Sheets that often disappear entirely.

    Hope they target Electrical Design & Estimation next! 🙂

  33. We moved over to the Clik NIC EIC Certification Software from Amtech Fast Test, we are really pleased with how the program works, it’s ease of access, usability and cost saving. Great program and great support from the Clik team and will continue to use for years to come

  34. Very happy so far with our experience of the Click software.

    Right from the start Alex has been extremely helpful and supportive.

    Will definitely recommend this product to others!

  35. Hello
    I have used a number of different testing software application over the years and have been using the Clik software now for at least 6 years, it does everything I need and unlike some products than “know best” when you have an unusual installation and need to manually type something in any of the boxes it lets you, when you make a mistake and don’t spot it until you complete the certificate and print the customer copy out it lets you unlock the certificate make the changes and re-print.
    The customer support is also good, you almost always get to speak to someone straight away and when they are busy and no one is available to speak at the time, they ring you back later!
    Very happy with the product and service, happy to recommend it to anyone.

  36. We have been using Clik service for 2 years now and it has transformed the business. Great job Guys.
    I would like to put forward a couple of requests which would improve the user experience.

    1. I personally, tend to use 3 or 4 filters on the jobs tab ( customer, site, engineer etc) to drill down to the information i need. I then have to manually clear the filters individually. It would be much easier if there was a “clear all filters” button next to the auto refresh button.

    2. I would also like to see integration with Google Calendar so i can check all my appointments etc, on my mobile, whilst i am out of the office.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

      1. If you click on the X icon in the bottom right of the screen/list you can remove all filters.
      2. You can export the calendar into an ICAL file to sync manually with Google.

      If you want to give support a call, they can show you how to do the above!


  37. We’ve been using the Clik NICEIC software now since the very first available version after trying various other software products to allow us to produce a professional looking certificate rather than hand filled in paperwork.

    When we have ever needed any support the staff have always been able to provide the right answer quickly and efficiently and are always very courteous.

    So we’d highly recommend anyone looking for this type of product to give them a try as you wont be disappointed.

  38. I have used the Clik software for many years now and would not contemplate going anywhere else. It
    is easy to use and the team at Clik are always helpful when it comes to dealing with any issues and any problems are sorted out via a quick phone call.
    A very professional team who know the product and listen!!

  39. I have use Clik software in my previous company and had no hesitation in purchasing and using in my new company. I have tried other products and find Clik by far the easiest and most simple certification package.

    Alex from Clik who I deal with is very helpful and always on hand if assistance is needed.

    Highly recommend this product.

  40. Had Click software for a good few years now, as a qualified electrician/designer I spend most of my time on site at the pointy end the Click guys always return my calls and are very helpful if I am a bit unsure. I have renewed my subscription again for this software. Bit thanks to Ben always patient with me.

  41. Click has an ongoing improving software which is generally user friendly. My POC is Ben Skevington who is very helpful and would be an assett to any busineess he worked for.

  42. Highly Recommended

    We’ve been using Clik for about 6 months and have found it to be well worth the investment. We carried out a detailed evaluation on a number of systems and thought Clik was the best option in terms of functionality, usability and value for money. It’s enabled us to streamline our business processes, eliminate paper based records and more importantly, provide a sound platform that will easily scale as we continue to grow.

    The software has a lot of functionality and it’s very helpful that everything links together so you can easily see things like quotes, orders, invoices and jobs that relate to each other. The contracts module helps us easily track and meet our service due dates in a much better way than systems designed specifically for our industry. The system is also very flexible with lots of fields to record data, configurable drop down lists and the option to add new fields. The print templates (for invoices, orders, quotes, etc). can be a bit tricky to master so we purchased some extra training time to learn how to do those.

    The sales, training and technical support teams at Clik are always really helpful and knowledgeable. There also seems to be regular development to improve the existing software and create new modules.

  43. Working for a small company over 10yrs ago, Clik service manager software enabled the day to day running of the business to be streamlined by running less spreadsheets, tidying up computer space, training of new staff easier and running the business more efficiently. 10yrs now running my own business and requiring a similar package, there was only one choice as far as I was concerned. Clik service manager along with the support allows a broad package to be bespokely tuned at a tenth of the cost

  44. My usual contact Ben Skevington provided the usual high standard of service, and obtained an additional quote should I proceed with it

  45. i have been using Clik NICEIC software since it was launched. the best part is the Clik service support.
    any issues i know i can pick up the phone and speak to someone, plus there is the remote facility if things are really sticky. (only needed once}

  46. We are a small electrical company and have been using Clik since 2010, before this all certificates were filled in by hand!!
    We have seen lots of improvements to the site over the years which makes filling in the certificates so much easier
    Impressed with Ben and and the service support team

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